I Want To Buy This Kind of Creepy, Totally Cool Skeleton Hand Bra

Last year around Halloween, I saw this picture of a skeleton hand bra on Tumblr that I really, really wanted to get my own hands on. It was one of those times that I really wish Tumblr had their own online store (think about how cool that would be!), but instead of searching for it on Google, I just reblogged it and then kind of forgot about it.

But a few weeks ago, this same bra showed up on my Pintrest feed (oh, how times change), and this time, I couldn’t resist searching for a place I could buy it for my own.

I mean, seriously, how cool is this bra?! Okay, yes, it’s kind of creepy to imagine skeleton hands holding up your boobs. Maybe the 3D effect on a few versions even looks sort of uncomfortable (how exactly do you wear that under a shirt?). And maybe it’s kind of pointless to be wearing something so incredibly cool that only you and your mirror (and maybe your boyfriend or bestie) are going to be able to see. But still – I want it. 

After searching for forever, I finally found a site where it looks like you can buy one: KittenBoutique.com or Etsy.com. On KittenBoutique, the bra goes for $30.00 and on Etsy, it’s $40.00. The coolest thing about them isn’t their 3D effect or badass attitude – it’s that these are handmade to order. So much cooler than your typical lacy Victoria’s Secret bra.

What do you think about this skeleton hand bra? Would you buy this for yourself? Do you think it’s lame? Tell me in the comments!


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