Surprise! The HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Make You Crazy For Sex!

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Remember how the HPV vaccination supposedly made us all crazy for sex? Yeah, not happening. | Source: ShutterStock

In the latest news from the “DUH!” department, studies show that the HPV vaccine doesn’t, in fact, make teens crazy for sex. It just makes the ones who choose to have sex safer from HPV and, consequently, cervical cancer. Not a bad deal, right?

You may remember a story we did this past summer–South Carolina governor Nikki Haley didn’t want brochures about the HPV vaccination to be given out because there was talk that it would lead to promiscuity and make any girl who got the vaccine crazy for sex. Like, once you got this series of shots, you’d want to bang anyone you could all the time, even if you’d never had sex before and prefer books to boys (or girls for that matter) at this point in your life. Because that totes makes sense!

Obviously, that’s absurd–and now there’s research to back it up, just in case anyone still bought it. One researcher, Robert Bednarczyk, admitted that some girls may be confused by exactly what protection the HPV vaccination offered and thus may be less careful in their sexual proclivities, which is why he did the study–but it turns out, it doesn’t actually lead them to have more sex.

Bednarczyk and his colleagues actually looked at the medical records of 1,400 girls who received the HPV vaccination or other vaccines, like meningitis, and followed up with them for three years after they initially received their vaccines. Out of those 1,400, what happened? According to doc Bednarczyk: “Overall, what we found through the whole follow-up study was among 1,400 girls only eight actual cases of either pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection.”

That means only eight girls either got pregnant or got an STD. Out 1,400. That amounts to about 0.5 percent. That amounts to almost nothing. And guess what? The rates were almost identical in research groups that didn’t get the HPV vaccination. So just in case someone looks for an excuse to keep you from getting the HPV vaccine to prevent the disease (which, by the way, you can get even if you’ve never had sex), tell them to think of something new, because this argument is clearly bull.

Have you gotten your HPV vaccination? Do you think getting the HPV vaccine would lead to more sex or less safe sex? What do you think actually makes people crazy for sex? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Bobbie

    question, I won’t be able to get the second shot at the two month mark, am I screwed?