Word Of The Day: Boobalicious!

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Now THAT’s really boobalicious! Woah. | Source: Shutterstock

As somebody who talks a lot (and writes a lot!) I freaking love words. I love their multi-meanings, I love their nuances, and most of all, I love when they make me laugh. So, I’m going to start bringing you Gurl’s Word Of The Day . . . okay, not every single day, but you know, once a week or whenever inspiration strikes!

Today’s Word Of The Day is “Boobalicious.” Now, you might just think it simply refers to someone with great boobs, but um, well, that’s not quite the case. Here’s the real definition (in Gurl speak, at least!)

Boobalicious (adj.) — The way you look when your boobs are kind of popping out of your top or dress, in not such a cute way. Maybe even in a way that you’d want to cover them up a teensy bit or adjust them.

Seriously, my friends and I use this as a warning all the time. When I wore a strapless dress out a few weekends ago, one of my besties smiled, looked down at my dress (which had been, unbeknownst to me, slipping down all night!) and said, “A little boobalicious tonight?” That was my cue to look down, feel grateful for the kinship of female friendship, and sneak away to the bathroom to tuck my jubblies away. Done and done.

Have you ever been caught being boobalicious? Do you use this word with your friends? What’s your favorite silly word? Tell me in the comments!

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  • JustDMarie

    I need to make up a code for me and my friends =P

  • titties

    My group of friends and I have a code for when our shirt is slipping and it gets to the point where we can see our bra so we know to check our shirt. We say “it’s snowing in brazil.” Once, we were talking to a really attractive group of guys and my friend’s, who has HUGE boobs, dress was slipping, but her bra was too! none of us knew what to say, and one of the boys actually said “um, you might wanna check your dress. My buddy might get a little inapropriate if you let it go anymore.” It was soooo awkward!

  • bewbs

    our group of friends have a codename for that, too; we say ‘kangaroo’ and that’s the cue to pull up your shirt 😀