Snoop Dogg/Lion Raps About Hot Pockets

After watching this three times I still need to watch it 100 more. Snoop Dogg Lion reimagines his hit single, “Drop It Like It’s Hot” as an ode to Hot Pockets. To be honest, “Pocket Like It’s Hot” is way more relatable to me. Hot Pockets (and Lean Pockets too) were a staple of my childhood, adolescence and I’ll probably eat them well into adulthood. Snoop’s previous lyrics like, “When the pigs try to get at ya/park it like it’s hot,” just didn’t resonate with me for some reason. Maybe it’s because I don’t drive? “When your munchies get an attitude/pocket like it’s hot,” now that is a lifestyle I can get behind.

I know Snoop probably got paid a ton of money to do this. But the song is just too good to get preoccupied with Hot Pockets’ evil marketing ploy. I would rather just believe that Snoop and I have the same dietary needs and will totally be BFFs in the future. Plus, anyone who can turn a microwave plate into a turntable is just magical.

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  • alice_doll

    God I love him.

  • Jawanza

    Now this is hilarious!!!