Rebel Wilson, Be My Best Friend. Please.

I literally just heard the most exciting news I’ll hear all day (don’t judge my life): Rebel Wilson pitched a movie to Universal Studios that she will write, produce and star in! It may be untitled, there may be no other details out about it yet, and it may not happen for a while. It doesn’t matter – I seriously cannot wait for this movie.

In case you guys missed Rebel in Pitch Perfect or Bridesmaids, let me tell you something: she is one of the funniest actresses out there right now. And she’s also on the top of my list for stars who I wish I could be besties with, for many reasons. So let’s get into them. Because after you get to know a little bit more about this awesome Australian actress, you’ll want to be BFF’s with her too – but get in line, girl. I’m first.

She made horizontal running a thing 
Rebel Wilson
In Pitch Perfect, Rebel as Fat Amy made us all realize that there is such a thing as horizontal running – and it’s awesome. Why sweat it out running on your feet when you could do it on the couch instead while watching your favorite TV show?


We can rap together 

Okay, so maybe I don’t know how to rap (yet), but I’ll learn. Or, actually, Rebel, or should I say Rebelicious, will teach me. She’s obviously an amazing rapper and I just really want a BFF who has those kinds of skills, you know?


She can teach me how to mermaid dance

Why dance like a normal person when you can dance like a mermaid? I mean, seriously. I guess I could learn this on my own, but I think everyone can agree that it would be so much better if Rebel taught me herself, just like she taught Ellen.


We’ll get to wear matching tracksuits together


I’ve seen Rebel sporting an impressive amount of Adidas tracksuits lately. I’m pretty jealous. Those things look really comfy, and I’d like a bestie who wouldn’t mind wearing one with me. We can be twins!


She can introduce me to Zac Efron

This is a big one. Listen, it’s not like I would be using Rebel for her connections. I wouldn’t. But since her and Zac are basically new BFF’s, I want in. I mean, look at him. Just look at him. This would only be a perk of our friendship.

Are you a fan of Rebel Wilson? What’s your favorite movie she’s been in? Which celeb do you want to be besties with? Tell me in the comments!


Watch Rebel and Ellen DeGeneres rap together

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  • swimmingchick05

    Rebel Wilson would be so cool to have as a best friend!!!! She would be really fun to hang out with!!!

  • Cassidy

    She seems like an amazing person
    I’m with you, Jessica