10 Amazing Gifs Of Politicians Dancing

Today are the Vice Presidential Debates! To make sure you’re tuning in we present you with 10 GIFs of politicians dancing. Look, whether you’re into politics or not, you really need to decide who YOU want to see busting a move all over the world. Do you want a politician who can’t teach you how to Dougie? These are the hard hitting questions we hope to see during tonight’s debate. Tune in at 9:00 PM – 11:30 PM!

Obama Dancing On Ellen

Michelle Teaching Us How To Dougie From The Heart

Hillary Getting Her Freak On In South Africa

Mitt Goes Gangnam Style
It may not be real, but it is pretty convincing.

Sarah Palin Raises The Roof

George W. Does The Happy Dance

Jennifer Granholm Rocks Out At The DNC

Obama Has Smooth Moves

Hillary Keeps It Real In Malawi

And then there’s those Oval Office parties we’re not invited to.

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  • Alice

    At the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony, the British Prime Minister and Mayor of London were dancing to the Spice Girls. I wonder if there’s a gif…