Celebrities Get Political: See What They Have To Say About Obama, Romney And More

With the Presidential election coming up, it’s no surprise that celebrities are speaking out on their political views. Whether they’re ranting on their Twitter accounts, voicing their opinions in interviews or assisting with fundraisers, we’ve been hearing tons of political things come out of some of our fave stars mouths lately.

Lots of people are saying that celebrities, and maybe even Hollywood itself, have no place in the political world. But whether or not you think they should be sounding off about the presidential candidates, celebs are definitely entitled to their own opinions – and they’re probably going to share them whether you like it or not.

Check out what these 13 celebrities had to say recently about Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and all of the super important women’s issues that have been discussed lately. Oh, and don’t forget to keep yourself informed. Even if you’re not old enough to vote yet, you can still get involved by staying educated and volunteering.

Which celebrities do you agree with? Do you think celebrities should stay out of politics? Are you going to vote this year? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Mila

    I think that it is very sad that some of these “gurls” are so ignorant on this topic. This is essentially what republicans are saying, “Hey, if you get gang raped and get pregnant you better have that baby and love that baby and hey you better go out and get a job, and make less than you male counterparts, and pay your taxes and be happy about it! But yeah, we love women and all but not enough to let them make important decisions about their lives and bodies for themselves.”

  • khalaryah

    wow GO OBAMA because if mitt romney will send us back to slavery #khalaryah

  • Lang

    Totally for Romney he is clearly the best choice. Obama has the lead this country into destruction. Go Romney!! Yes, I am an American.

  • carriebaby

    Honestly im moving if romney wins. I cant stand him! Hes rude, arrogant, and cant make up his mind. Why would we want a president who insults everybody?!? I get so mad about this i hate romney so much.

  • brenna

    Its most definitley obvious, that these female stars are going off the commercial about how Romney is against womens health and abortion… but its called PROPAGANDA! Propaganda is advertisement that usually consists LIES, so you, in this case would vote for Obama. And how he is only making it more difficult for more poor people, because wealthy people get the tax cuts…Well, WEALTHY PEOPLE GIVE THOSE POOR PEOPLE THEIR JOBS! Do you think the Macdonald’s owner is living in a box? No! And honestly, getting money takes work, if you decide to be lazy and go work at Macdonalds, YOU DON”T DESERVE TAX CUTS! Thats just my personal view. And obviously, I’m a huuuggggee Romney fan.

  • Becca

    Women’s “rights” to kill her child do not trump basic human rights, the rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I don’t like either one, but I’m sick of women thinking that murdering their child, the child they are supposed to protect is a right!

    • Adrienne

      Thank you. Many say its the woman’s body, but guess what? After she gets pregnant, it’s not just her body anymore. I’m personally against sec outside of marriage, by if others want to do it, go ahead, that is your choice. But sex makes babies. Period. You can use contraceptives, but they are never 100% reliable. If you’re having sex, sea with the possible consequence of having a baby.

  • leyla

    i love what lily allen said the most