Do We All Have Bigger Breasts? Maybe!

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Going bra shopping? You may have bigger boobs than you thought! | Source: ShutterStock

If you noticed that the girls and women you know seem to have bigger breasts than they did a few years ago, you might be right. A new study in Great Britain says the average bra size increased from a 34B in 2010 to a 34DD in 2012! Does this mean everyone got bigger boobs?

Not necessarily–it just means people bought bigger bras. While there may well be an increase in women with bigger breasts this year, this study didn’t go around measure girls’ chests–it just went by bra sales and the size of those bras. It’s important to note that this study doesn’t mean everyone had a growth spurt all of a sudden. It just means that a lot of women were probably squeezing into the bras that were way too small for them for a long time. And that ain’t comfy! (One of the most common mistakes when bra shopping is getting too big of a band size and too small of a cup size, which may have been at play here until these women wised up.)

What’s more, 70 percent of bras purchased in Britain this year have been pushup and/or padded bras, indicating that not only are women reporting to have bigger boobs, but they want them to look even bigger than they are.

Our take? We really don’t see the big deal about big boobs, and we’re not sure why someone would want bigger breasts than they already have (though with the back problems and pain from jogging that comes with bigger boobs, we could totes understand why someone wished their boobs were smaller). Some people are born more endowed than others. It doesn’t mean they’re more attractive or prettier or better–it just means they have bigger boobs.

Small boobs are just as fun for dudes to look at as bigger breasts are. As long as your boobs don’t cause you physical or mental anguish of any kind, guess what? They look great. Embrace ’em, and know that whatever size boobs you think you wish you had, chances are there’s a girl out there with that size who wishes she had yours.

Do you think girls really have bigger boobs now than they did in 2010? Do you use pushup or padded bras to create the illusion of bigger breasts? Would you want bigger boobs? Tell us in the comments!

Wait–this girl had what kind of boobs?!

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  • mary styles

    Yes, well, this makes my barely A’s at nearly 15 feel even smaller 😉

    • Julia

      Same here. (:

  • Mellissa

    I have big breasts I’m a 34 c and only 13 I think maybe there’s a chance breasts have gotten bigger.

  • Anna

    Yeah, um, newsflash, most women don’t know how to fit a bra. You measure UNDER your breast where the band is going, NOT above them, to find your band size. Most stores don’t do this. Correct them when they measure over your boobs, they don’t learn without being taught.

  • Jawanza

    Yes boobs are bigger. and yes i wish my boobs were a nice C. im always slouching

    • San

      All you sound like a troll!

  • Cherri

    I live in the UK and all I can say is any nice looking bra is padded, most of them push-up.
    And also, they actually don’t sell big enough chest sizes over here compared to the ones in America: I’ve had to buy imported bras a couple of times (whihc felt much better).

    And the average is a D not a double D! (woah…)

  • Bella

    This is a big jump for women.

    I live in the UK and some stores make up to a K cup now, including all the iffy sizes will band30 and cupFF/GG/HH etc. Women need comfort!

  • AD

    YES. More sizes exist now. I used to wear an oversized bra band because it was the only way to get cups big enough for my boobs. Take the same cup, put it on a tighter band, and voila! A cup size that nobody will believe because they still think ‘average’ is ‘B to C’.

    btw, it’s ‘too big a cup size’ and ‘too small a cup size’. Say no to viral grammar mistakes.

    • AD

      Agh, that’s ‘YES’ as in, ‘Yes, someone’s finally covering this topic!’ and not ‘Yes, women do have bigger boobs these days.’