Daily WTF?: Hot New Lady Trend = Wearing Diapers?

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SPA, a Japanese magazine, has reported that many Japaneses women have become “slobs.” Statistical data has shown that women don’t clean their rooms as often, shave their body hair less, and leave their underwear lying around. I guess I am a “slob” too. YOLO. The weirdest part of this trend is that a lot of women have begun wearing diapers to work. They interviewed one 25-year-old real estate worker, Kaori Adachi, who said she wears adult diapers to work so that she doesn’t have to waste time going to the bathroom. Adachi added that she only wears diapers when she has a skirt on because pants make it too obvious.

I get it, going to the bathroom sucks. If I could count every time I asked my friends, “Can you pee for me please?!” whenever they get up to go to the bathroom then I’d have to count up to a googolplex. However, when you pee in a diaper you have to sit in your pee all day. If it were NBD then babies wouldn’t cry profusely after they make #1 and #2.

Peeing in a diaper is like sitting on a towel . . . that was just used to wipe up pee. Wouldn’t your coworkers notice you smell of urine? I am not sure that this is completely hygienic? I mean, you’re sitting in waste. That can’t be too good for your down there area, right? I am all for convenience, I love Minute Rice and Netflix Instant, but this seems like a bit much.

Would you ever wear a diaper? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Al

    I am a diaper lover myself and oh well I love wearing diapers

  • Josh

    & Btw Pee is Sterile so its not really that gross, get over it children.

  • Josh

    Its actually not like siting a pee soaked towel, Diapers keep the wetness away from your skin smart one.Its more like sitting on a warm pillow. Just use a little baby powder for the excess moisture and their really comfortable but you would’t know unless you tried it right?

    & you Wouldn’t try it unless it was socially acceptable.

    Haha Pussies.


  • andre

    All the time when I go to shopping centres and long car journeys or places where there’s long que’s.

  • r2o1

    I do regularly – brilliant – never any need to to find a loo when you are our, for peeing at least.

  • Paulette

    Gross :p

  • Jawanza

    ew.. what kinda crap is that… Get it, CRAP

    • Windex