My First Pregnancy Scare Was Super Scary

pregnancy scare

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I woke up and rolled over in my bed to face my semi-boyfriend of just a couple of months—he was still fast asleep. Walking to the kitchen to get a drink, it hit me. I realized I hadn’t had my period in a month and…one week? Two weeks? I couldn’t remember. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was late.

I panicked. I tried to take a couple of deep breaths. I panicked again. Trying to act normal, I made coffee, but spilled it all over the kitchen counter. How was I going to tell him? Was I even going to tell him?

We hadn’t even become official yet. We liked each other but it was just something fun we had been trying out. Questions on questions sped through my mind. Would he freak out? Would he leave me to figure this out all on my own? I didn’t want to think about it. I decided to leave him sleeping, I’d tell him once I was sure.

I walked several blocks to the nearest drugstore, scanning the vicinity for anyone that might recognize me. I was so anxious and scared that it took me a couple of minutes to work up the courage to walk inside. I quickly found the “Family Planning” section and I swear I could feel my heartbeat in my head as I stared blankly at the different options before me.

I grabbed the cheapest 2-pack; I wanted to be sure. I walked to the cashier too quickly and I didn’t make eye contact with anyone. I cringed when I saw the 8-person line-up. Did these people think I was a whore?

I shoved the box under my arm and began Googling “Pregnancy Symptoms” on my phone—nothing I hadn’t heard already. When it was my turn to check out, I fumbled the box and it fell on the floor behind the cashier. My heart was beating too loud in my ears to hear what the clerk was saying. I swiped my debit card, shoved the tests in my purse and got the hell out of there.

During the walk home, I considered abortions, adoptions, being pregnant, raising a child, baby names, getting fat, outgrowing all my clothes, and then the circle began again. There’s no way I was parent material.

When I walked into my apartment, I saw he was still in bed. Had he even noticed that I was gone? At that point I didn’t care. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I read the directions on the back of the box at least 12 times before I put the stick between my legs.

I swear those were the longest three minutes of my life. Abortions, giving birth, babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome—I was panicking

When that little blue minus sign came into view on the stick, a tidal wave of relief rushed over me… I wasn’t pregnant.

I’ve been obsessively careful with my birth control ever since.

Have you ever thought you might be pregnant? What would you do if you had a pregnancy scare? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Samantha Berlier

    Hi, I’m 14 years old, last night my boyfriend snuck over and we started just talking, then we started kissing, and making out and things escalated really quickly, I was 3 days into my period, so I didnt think I could get pregnant, but I’ve done my research and I’m totally panicking. He had stripped me down to just my underwear, but he was also rubbing me, and moving my underwear around, so there is a possibility he could’ve gotten sperm in me.. But I had a tampon in at the time… Anyway, I’m unsure if he came, but he could’ve and im totally freaked, I’m shaking & having panic attack after panic attack & I dont know whether I should tell him, and I dont think I could get a pregnancy test.. I have really overprotective parents… I dont know what to do somebody please help.

  • jenna

    really scary. …..

  • scaredshitless

    So I’ve been seeing this guy, like the hormone crazed 22 year old that I am we had sex, condom slipped, didn’t notice, he didn’t ejaculate inside me. Next week, I’m ovulating (don’t know it at the moment) we have very unprotected sex, several times, he “pulls out” every single time…now 1 week later I realize I was ovulating then, I have 1 week till my period is due and boy am I terrified. 1. I’m not ready to have a kid 2. I can’t imagine having a kid with him, even though we’ve known each other for over 10 years 3. I can’t believe I was so stupid 4. I need all the prayers I can get

    -hormone crazed, terrified might be pregnant 22 yr old.

    • chelsea

      Omg @scaredshitless im going through the same exact thing. Did u find out if ur pregnant??

  • Abbie

    Oh my gosh I had a TERRIBLE pregnancy scare about a month ago, i was idiotic enough to perform the pull out method with my boyfriend of TWO MONTHS The day of my ovulation. — thankgod the stomach troubles were just from stress because two weeks later mother nature called me right on time with my crimson flow! lol thankgod i NOT ready to be a parent

  • jess

    Just because you get one negative test doesn’t mean you aren’t pregnant, it just means it hasn’t showed up in your pee yet.

  • Katie

    I thought I was pregnant about a month ago & I was so scared. My boyfriend & I talked about how we would raise it & what our parents would say. His mom even knew I bought pregnancy tests! I did a ton of research on pregnancy & when you ovulate & how effective home tests where. I took the tests until finally my appionent with my obgyn I got a blood test & I wasn’t pregnant! The crazy thing was I was kind of sad & ever since I’ve had baby fever! How nuts is that??!?!

  • AM

    OMG!! I was so scared when this happened to me. I was depressed for a week until I finally bought a pregnancy test which confirmed I wasn’t!

  • unknown

    Totally horrible feeling!

  • Ay, ay, ay.

    My first pregnancy scare, I was living abroad, and away from the country where the would-have-been father lived(I’m from the USA, he was a foreigner who lives in Germany, and I was in Spain at the time with intent to return to Germany–and to him). We were in a trusting semi-relationship and always used condoms. I missed two periods. I was scared and had nobody I trusted enough to tell. I bought a pregnancy test after I missed my first period, and it came out negative. After the second one, I bought and took another test, which was also negative. I was wondering “Could I be a parent? Should I get an abortion if I’m pregnant? Should I tell him[the guy]? What input might he offer, if I were pregnant, and if I told him? If we had a kid, would we stay together? Would I be trapping him? Would I be trapping myself?” Needless to say, I was even more careful after that.