How To Tell Your Parents You Have A Boyfriend

telling your parents you have a boyfriend

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You met somebody. Somehow through the magic of time and space, you like him and he likes you. Now, he’s your boyfriend. Whoo hoo!

All that’s left is for you to take things to the next step. No, we don’t mean THAT. We’re talking about meeting the parents. That’s right; he’s going to meet the beautiful weirdos who created you, but before you go THERE you’re going to have to tell them about him first. So how do you make this a positive experience and avoid freaking them out? Naturally, I’ve got some tips.

1. DO think about who to tell first.
You may be closer to one parent. If this is your first boyfriend (and they’ve said you’re too young to date) or some other situation that could be drama-filled, it helps to have an advocate on your side while you tell the other parent.

If there are no extenuating circumstances like, “Mom, he needs to stay here until his educational Visa comes through,” then telling the ‘rents together is ideal. This way, no one feels left out.

2. DON’T lead with the stuff they might see as negatives.
There’s something about him that may be an issue. It’s no biggie to you but it will be to your folks. Maybe he’s older or of a different religion or from another background. Cool, but don’t let that be your opening statement. Let them register that you have a boyfriend first. Then give them the caveats.

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3. DO have a photo ready.
Show them a pic of your new BF. A snapshot of him solo works just fine. It’ll help humanize the mystery guy so that they can stop imagining some scary dude stealing their li’l girl.

Note: A simple smiling shot of your cutie is best. Sexy selfies or pictures of the two of you hugged up can be saved for another time, like Neverary.

4. DON’T spring him on them.
Parents are not big on surprises where your romantic life is concerned. Trust your personal love coach on this one. Showing up with a random, unexpected guy has more potential for failure than success.

5. DO share what you know about him and his family.
Be polite without freaking out if they have a zillion questions. Remember, these people used to change your diapers. It’s natural for them to feel bittersweet about you growing up. They may still see you as their baby. Cut them some slack.

Now what?
Family dinners are a common first time meeting moment but can be very stressful. A great alternative is telling them that he’ll drop by to spend a short time on his way to somewhere. This way, there’s a built in out. An hour or two at most is a safe amount of time for a first visit.

Visualize the future: You love him, your parents love him and he didn’t even mind when your little brother kicked him in the shins. YAY. Really hoping this all goes super well for you!

Have you told your parents about a boyfriend? Was it weird? Was it hard? Tell us what happened in the comments!

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  • No name

    So I’ve been in a relationship since late September, he is a freshman and I am a sophomore in high school, but we are 6 months apart. He is the first boyfriend I’ve ever had. We are in band together, that is how we met. All are friends are friends and we’ve all been going to eat and doing things together since July. So my parents know he exists. Well a little longer than a month after we were dating, I needed a way to tell my parents. I had asked him to the Cinderella Ball, and I figured telling them before hand was a good idea. So on the way home from a football game I told my mom, and I don’t think she took me seriously at all. She just kind of laughed at me and hasn’t brought it up since. I’m not really sure what to do. I mean we are really really close and he was my first kiss and he treats me better than any guy I’ve ever meant. What should I do?