WTF Is Going On With Shia LaBeouf?

Oh, Shia LaBeouf I used to love you. Even Stevens was one of my favorite shows growing up. You were hilarious and goofy. You made Disney cool. Then when Even Stevens was over, I thought I’d never see you again. But something awesome happened. You started popping up in all these random places like Holes, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and then Disturbia. All of a sudden you were becoming this movie star and when you landed Transformers it was great to see you make transition from child to adult star. But you’ve been looking pretty funky lately. You’ve been saying and doing lots of weird things, getting into fights, doing acid, and getting so drunk it’s freaking your co-stars out. What’s going on, buddy?

Come back to us bro, because this is what you’ve turned into.

Do you think Shia is kind of a weirdo? Let us know in the comments!

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  • USN_SailorMoon

    First off I love beards and facial hair, so that was a flawed point. He is still a kooky funny person and maybe is being strange for his own entertainment, I do too. He is living and honest way that he wants and isn’t putting others at harm doing it. Give it a break and him.

  • Selena Vanity

    No he’s not a “weirdo” he’s adorable and he’s living life in his own way . And that nude shot was from a Sigur Ros video , a beautiful piece of art i love . there is nothing wrong with him , maybe he just doesn’t want to conform to what society thinks every man should look like .

  • Kiki

    Well, the 8th and 9th videos are from the same music video – and honestly it was an extremely touching and well-choreographed clip. He was wearing those clothes for a reason – to send a message alongside the music – not to ‘air out dirty laundry’. Lebeouf did a beautiful job.

    And like you said, he is an *artist* – if you’d actually watched the video you’d see it was certainly more than Shia LeBeouf prancing around in his birthday suit. I’d even go so far to say that the mention music video is a performance art – and nudity in performance art is not an unfounded thing..

    Also – Please, the jabs at his hairstyle are weak at best.. plenty of guys can rock the long hair/ponytail look. Why not Shia?

    Maybe I can’t justify this supposed sex tape scandal, but honestly how many celebrities are in sex videos right now? How many AVERAGE people make sex videos with their significant others? Come on now, I’m no fangirl, but this criticism of Shia just seems like a meager attempt to post anything just for the sake of posting, whether its meaningful or not.

    A new hairstyle, and naked pictures don’t ruin a celebrity.
    Come back when he’s drunk in a ditch, broke and higher than a satellite. THEN I’ll consider him having gone downhill.

    At least he looks decent and is still trucking on with his career.

    ~Kiki <3

  • Nia

    Thinking about Shia having real live sex on-screen in a movie that will show in theatres makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.