The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Getting Popular

Popularity is the most important thing in the world. You know who’s popular? THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Regular, normal, well-adjusted, good people are so irrelevant. No one cares about hard-working, smart, people who make the right decisions and don’t bother anybody. Boring. Stardom is for you, Lazy Girl. And if we know anything about fame it requires no hard work whatsoever. Check out these 10 foolproof ways to become a school superstar. Remember, high school is just a popularity contest.

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  • stephistarbucks

    Haha! I liked the rumor bit ;P I could do the Meme thing about Josh Hutcherson! I sooo would cause YOLO! Love it.

    I wanted to be a cheerleader in middle school, but the girls wouldn’t let me because I wasn’t skinny enough. They called me names. They were mean. And they were more popular than me. Sooo, I’d say this how-to is pretty legit (;

  • Bella

    So. UNFUNNY.