Tumblr Is Going To Be Down On Saturday *Shudder*

Tumblr is going to be down this Saturday, October 6, and we have some very strong feelings about it. It’s kind of a delicate situation here. We just don’t know how to convey how serious and emotionally tolling it is for us to have to deal with going 24 hours with reblogging and posting pics of our favorite celebs and TV shows. And the memes! We can’t forget the memes! This kind of psychological damage can only be conveyed in GIFs.

So, I was on Tumblr reblogging Dr. Who pics like:


Then Tumblr was like:


Then I was like:


Not having it. Sorry, Tumblr. Not OK.


I don’t understand. I don’t understand. I don’t understand.


BUT WHY???!!!


Somebody better cool me down, ’cause I am about to pop a gasket!


There are 1,000,000 pics of Zayn Malik in my queue no one is ever going to see!


The world must know his beauty.


I guess in the meantime . . . Facebook can get it.


Or maybe I’ll reopen my Myspace account . . . Yeah right.

How do you planning on coping with the Tumblr outage? Let us know in the comments!

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  • S

    I actually woke up an hour after they finished in my timezone. Thank god I sleep in really late.

  • Jason

    What’s tumblr?

  • Taylor

    It’s over, thank God! They didn’t change a thing!

    • Candice

      I heard they got rid of the post limit. 😀

  • Gabriela

    Oh, no. Now I’ll have to do something important

  • Salome

    Get drunk.

    • Carolina

      I cant agree more with you

  • Lila

    I’m dying. Maybe I’ll read a book or just eat a bunch of food. Or YouTube falling cats. I don’t know, it might actually be a slightly productive day.. But probably not.

  • Sharky

    Let’s see…
    – I’ve been catching up with a movie I planned to watch months ago (but then Tumblr got in the way);
    – I opened my Photoshop to put up together a silly gif and an even more silly “head-swap” thingy image. This latter will be my “Welcome back on line, Tumblr!” tribute.

  • Simone

    Today will most likely be my most productive day of the year.

  • Dijah

    This had me cracking up!!! Hilarious!

  • Nia

    I literally LOL at Kanye West.