Boxers or Briefs? Either Way, They’re Probably Dirty

boxers or briefs mens underwear dirty underwear

The reason there’s more women’s than men’s underwear here? Because men reuse their dirty underwear twice as much as we do! | Source: ShutterStock

You know how a big question for guys regarding men’s underwear is “boxers or briefs?” It should actually be, “Dude, how often do you wear dirty underwear?” Because a lot of guys do. Gross!

A new study says that four out of ten guys re-wear their dirty underwear. Okay, ew. Ew. EW. Here’s what’s weird, too: Guys actually wash their hair more than women do. So apparently dudes can find plenty of time to shampoo, but not to run their skivvies through the machine. Sounds a little ridic to us, honestly. According to the study, they also change their sheets less often than we do, too. Can we please talk about how gross this is? And how lazy it is? Dudes, do your freakin’ laundry. Or buy in bulk. But don’t go out with all that stank, stained mess and expect to get laid–or, at least, don’t expect to get laid repeatedly once girls start to catch on!

Aside from how nasty guys’ re-wearing their dirty underwear is, can we talk for a second about how hypocritical it is to boot? There are a million products out there for women who supposedly smell or look bad down there–from douches to perfumes to even bleach and surgery (WTF?!)–and they’re usually developed and marketed to us by men. But twice as many men are likely to recycle their dirty drawers, which would imply that they probably smell a lot funkier down there than women do. Maybe they’re just projecting their own issues onto us so they don’t feel so bad… But it’s more likely that they’re just kinda gross and lazy.

If you notice, too, most detergent commercials are targeted at women, maybe because we’re so much more likely not to go out with dirty underwear on and actually do our freakin’ laundry–but maybe advertisers may want to reconsider their strategy and start selling their wares to guys. Because we’re not going to wash men’s underwear, and it evidently ain’t gonna wash itself, either. Yecch!

Do you prefer boxers or briefs (or boxer-briefs)? Do you think this men’s underwear study is kind of gross? Would you go out with a dude who wore dirty underwear on a date? Tell us in the comments!

You won’t believe what happened to this girl’s underwear!

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  • wetboy27

    I wear my used underwear all the time. I never wear them only once. Usually I wear the same pair for a whole week.

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