10 Old Movie School Dances We Wish We Had Been Invited To

In real life, school dances usually don’t live up to the high expectations we have for them based on watching fictional dances. In movies and TV shows, school dances are insane – there’s always tons of gorgeous designer dresses, a really cool band/DJ/singer, tons of crazy drama and lots of yummy boys. I mean, if your school dances are like that, then I’m pretty jealous.

Looking back on some older movies, there are tons of amazing dances I wish I had been invited to, whether they were in films from the ’70s or the early ’00s. And I know I’m not the only one – these were seriously epic, guys. Check out my top 10 list of old, fictional school dances I wish I could have gone to:


I know this is actually a pretty creepy horror movie, and maybe you don’t want to be involved with all that, but still… let’s just think about how insane/horrifying/interesting it would be to watch someone get covered in pigs blood. More horrifying than interesting, you say? Yes, you may be right.


A Cinderella Story

I’m a sucker for this admittedly so-bad-it’s-good Hilary Duff movie. The Halloween dance in this film makes me wish my school had Halloween dances – how much fun would that be?! From all of the awesome costumes, the pretty setting and the fairytale storyline, I really wouldn’t mind if I went to a Halloween dance exactly like this one.


Pretty In Pink

The above scene alone makes me want to attend this prom, with Duckie by my side the entire time. Also, there’s something so cute about Andie creating her own pink prom dress. I just want to be there with her, you know?


10 Things I Hate About You

I swear Heath Ledger is not the only reason I wish I had been involved in this high school prom. Other reasons include really wanting to see some jerk teen boy get the punch in the face he deserves. And the amazing band they had. And, um, Heath Ledger.



This is my number one favorite movie dance scene of all time. All I want is to go back in time and be at this dance – if it were real. The dance moves, the awesome old-school outfits, the adorable shenanigans… I could watch this every day. And I have.


Never Been Kissed

After watching this movie, I decided that every prom should have a very specific theme other than to just go buy a fancy expensive dress and wear it. I’m obsessed with the theme of this prom (Meant To Be, famous couples) and that’s basically why I wish I could have gone to this. I would also love to witness a “student” admit that she’s actually undercover. How crazy would that be?!


She’s All That

Wait, can Usher be the DJ at every school dance ever? Also, can all students always know the exact choreography to a song and dance in unison? Think about how seriously cool your school dances would be if this happened.


Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion

Who wouldn’t want to go to a dance with these two hilarious goofballs? If I were invited to this reunion dance, I would totally wear a shimmery dress along with Romy and Michele. Also, imagine how epic it would be to do a dance in front of everyone?



Has there ever been a more epic dance movie then Footloose? The answer is no. And the prom scene is the best – I wish I could have been there to see everyone dancing together for the first time in a long time.


It’s A Wonderful Life

There is so much more to this movie then just the Christmas element! Like, for example, the amazing school dance scene. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be at a dance where the floor opens up and a pool is revealed? And everyone jumps in! Coolest school dance ever.


Bonus: You’re Invited To Mary-Kate and Ashley’s School Dance Party



Which of these is your favorite movie school dance? What are your school dances like? Which movie did I miss? Tell us in the comments!


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