Cinderella Is A Red Head . . . NOT A Blonde!

Close your eyes and picture Cinderella. Yup. The Disney Princess with a shoe made out of glass. What does she look like?

If you said pretty, you’re right. And if you said blonde, you’re not alone–but you’re wrong. Yes, all the recent Disney Princess merchandise (which holy wow there’s a ton of!) depicts her with bright yellow blonde hair, but if you take a peek at the original Disney movie of Cinderella, girlfriend’s a certified red head!

Don’t believe me? Watch this remastered clip from the new DVD and Blu-Ray rerelease of Cinderella that came out yesterday:

If that hair isn’t pumpkin orange, well then, I’m blind. I watched Cinderella at least once a week when I was little, just because I loved that she was a red head like me (The Little Mermaid, with her less-realistic candy red hair, didn’t come out until I was in fifth grade). So what gives? Why did Cinderella effectively bleach her hair blonde to be part of the Disney Princess gang?

cinderella is a red head not a blonde

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I mean, Cinderella is one of the most beloved princesses in Disney history. Little girls everywhere look up to her. If she was still a red head, maybe there would be less ginger bashing in the world (have you heard about all the horrible bullying of red heads?!).

I don’t think it’s too late. The clock hasn’t struck midnight. Nothing is impossible. Cinderella should go back to her natural red head roots, and hold her head high. Being a red head isn’t something to hide, it’s something that makes you shine.

What do you think? Is Cinderella even more awesome as a blonde or should she go back to her natural red head hair color? Tell us in the comments!

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  • cdtsm

    Yes! Finally someone besides me is carrying this torch and having this discussion! People who have the original VHS don’t even believe me, I have to make them watch it again! Btw, another crazy change: in the movie, her ball gown is white, NOT blue like they portray it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nipun Sharma

    Technically she’s a blonde because strawberry blonde is a shade of blonde

  • mary

    In the movie it is red, or like a strawberry blonde. But other merchandise and in disney world, she is blonde. One part of the movie,after she turns back after midnight, her hair looks brown. I
    Like ref or blonde. But they should have kept it as it was.

  • Anex

    I never thought of her as a red head.

    I recently bought the blu-ray for my daughter when it came out last week and it looked exactly the same as it did in my childhood (albeit clearer). I agree that Cinderella’s hair does sometimes have a strawberry blonde look to it in some scenes, but otherwise she is blonde. Also in the story book version (by Disney) they describe her as “She had golden hair, and here eyes as blue as forget-me-nots.”

    I also watched the cut/deleted scenes/storyboards and in all of them Cinderella is also drawn blonde, so I don’t think it was a “they changed it” kind of thing.

    Growing up, I too liked Ariel because she was a redhead like me (and I got made fun of for it).. now there is also the main character from Brave. I haven’t seen the movie yet (waiting for Blu-Ray release since I live overseas and prefer to watch things in English), but she totally has my hair (long, curly and wild..).. mine is just longer -_-

  • Gina the Mermaid

    I am a red head an while the two guys I have dated both loved my hair and my close friends try to get me to love it…its hard because there are so many awful sterio-types put on us……im constantly called sole-less, mean, and other stuff because of my red hair. But if my friends are around they always help me out. I am 16 probably been bullied for red hair since I was 10. My close friends have this whole made up family where I am a mermaid because I “look like” Arial the Little Mermaid…which I dont mind..its when other people say stuff that makes me angery.

  • chantel

    its blonde. get over it. she always has been.

    • Aaron

      Actually she wasn’t stupid.

  • sarah

    that just blew my mind :O

  • Jamia

    i agree with the “ginger bashing” part. I mean, I personally have hair that is dark auburn red and can only be found by using expensive and damaging hair dye. All the time my “redhead” friends and I have been slandered as angry gingers because it is apparently funny to mock someone because of how they were born or because of their genetics. The redheads I’ve known are some of the most interesting people ever, and i have seen girls at my school mock us then dye their hair my color the next day. I say we should stop the red hair discrimination that has been around since before written word. Don’t believe me, look it up.

  • Kelsey

    Its the situation like Gabriel from Xena. Watching the first like four seasons I swore she was a red head, but they kept calling her blonde. Cinderella is a strawberry blonde. I grew up watching Cinderella a million times as well.she was my favorite because she was a strawberry blonde like I was. I also dressed up like her for many Halloweens.

  • Melissa

    She’s strawberry blonde, which is red, and red she should stay.

  • Anna

    That’s strawberry blonde, not red.

  • Brooke