Zayn Malik Is Sad? 10 Ways We’d Love To Cheer Him Up

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In more adorable One Direction news (is there any other kind of 1D news?), Liam Payne has stated that he’s kind of worried about his band mate Zayn Malik. According to what Liam said, Zayn is having a really hard time adjusting to fame. And while it’s not adorable that Zayn is totally freaked out, it is SO CUTE that Liam is worried about him.

Liam was quick to say that while the band loves all of the attention they’ve been receiving, he’s a little worried about how Zayn is dealing with it. Zayn temporarily deleted his Twitter account after reading a ton of mean messages. That might sound kind of lame, but think about it: how would you feel if you read a bunch of criticism about yourself every day? And remember all of those horrible rumors that Zayn was brainwashing girls to preach his Islamic faith? That’s so not okay! No wonder he might feel like snapping.

Liam said: “The only person I really worry about is Zayn, because I don’t think he’s quite accustomed to all of this. He had a terrible time on Twitter… I don’t think he’s quite adjusted to it yet. I’m sure he’ll get it. He’s my best mate. I’ve got to look out for him.” Excuse me while I go squeal “awwww” for the next thirty minutes.

But don’t worry, Zayn, we’ve totally got your back. I’m absolutely ready to take on the job of cheering Zayn up – here are 10 ways I’d love to make him smile and forget about all that silly fame stuff:


Give him a hug


A long one. A very long one. What? Hugs are therapeutic and maybe he doesn’t get enough really good ones.


Make him chicken soup.

And bring it to him. In bed. I’m so selfless!


Give him a back massage.


Zayn sounds like he’s totally stressed out. A massage is just the thing to calm him down. It’s not my fault that his shirt has to be off for it.


Spot him in the gym. 


Does Zayn work out? I think he does. Exercise will make him happy, and it would make me more than happy to spot his weight lifting while he gets all sweaty next to me.


Wait for him backstage in case he needs anything.


He might start to feel kind of freaked out during a concert. Don’t worry, I’ll totally offer my time to watch from backstage to make sure everything’s okay.


Share my pet cat with him.

My kitten is very adorable and has the power to cheer anyone up. I’m willing to share her with Zayn as long as I get to supervise their time together.


Help him play guitar.


Okay, fine, I don’t know how to play guitar. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a private listening sesh with Zayn just so I can give him tons of compliments and lift his spirits.


Teach him to dance.


1D is great, but um… their dance moves are kind of lacking. It’s fine, I can get up close and personal with Zayn to give him some private lessons.


Watch The Big Bang Theory with him.

Zayn just tweeted that he thinks the show is hilarious. Laughing will make him feel better, and watching TV together on a couch means cuddling time, which is also a mood-lifter, so… just saying.


Brush his hair.


He’s got a lot of (gorgeous) hair, and I don’t know about you guys, but having someone brush my hair is really soothing. I’m pretty sure Zayn would appreciate this.


How would you cheer Zayn up? Are you worried about him possibly leaving One Direction because of his issues with fame? Tell us in the comments!


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  • kaytlin Gibbs

    Hi my sister loves zayn and it would be so exciting if she could talk to him or message him so if your zane or you know his real # text me or call at (812)-363-3948…not trying to stalk him or anything I think it would just be really cool of she could talk to him.

  • Lubug

    I would bake him yummy cookies I mean hey sharing warm cookies and cuddling by the fire is VERY soothing