The Great Tube Boob Story: A Breast Shape I’d Never Seen Before

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I think we all know that breasts come in all different types. There are high perky boobs, there are big boobs, there are super flat boobs, and yes, there are even tube boobs. They’re all healthy and normal, just different from each other.

I’d never seen tube-shaped boobs in real life. Not until last weekend, that is! It was my birthday, so my boyfriend took me to this amazing place called Spa Castle (it’s a whole castle full of spa!). There’s a girls’ area and one for guys where you shower off and then there are huge hot tubs to soak in before you go up to the co-ed area where they have a bunch of themed saunas, a cool cafe, and an awesome roof-top pool.

Thing is, the shower and hot tub areas are nude only! You have to be totally naked to be there! I was super intimidated (and maybe sucked in my tummy at first), but then I realized that there were women and girls of all ages and all sizes soaking in tubs fully naked like it was NBD. And maybe it was NBD! I thought, “Wow. I would have had way better body image growing up if I’d gone someplace like this when I was a kid!” And because it was only girls, nobody had to worry about sketchy dudes trying to do weird stuff.

That’s when I noticed two friends giggling in the tub across from me. As I glanced over, one of them reached down into the water, grabbed her tube-shaped breasts and then bobbed them up and down in the air, making them “talk” to her friend. I totally guffawed, like: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! It was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen–and a total display of awesome body image. I mean, this woman was making her breasts do a puppet show for her friend!

Of course I had to pretend I was laughing at something else (I don’t know these women!) but I loved that moment, the reminder that we shouldn’t take our bodies so freaking seriously, AND the reminder that breasts and bodies come in all different (and wonderful) shapes and sizes.

What are your boobs like? Do you ever worry that they’re “weird” or “different”? Did you know boobs came in so many sizes and shapes? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Rin

    Mine are uneven one is 1/2 a size- a full cup size bigger than the other. I have to put a bra pad in the right cup so they look somewhat even.

  • Chelsey

    So what exactly is a tube boob?

    • Exaelia

      Yeah, I’m a bit confused.