How To Write A Love Letter That’ll Make Him Yours

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Want to send love letters to your crush? This isn’t the best way to do it nowadays! | Source

Love letters are super romantic, but writing them to a guy can be tricky. You don’t want to be too mushy, but you don’t want to be overly cold, either. How do you go about penning a love letter to the object of your affection?

Turns out, the best way to send love letters is to keep them at 140 characters or less. It turns out, a new study says that these days sending a text or a tweet to the guy you dig works better than writing out a love letter!

Only six percent of gals and four percent guys admit to still sending love letters–we’re talking pen, paper, perfume, pink stationery type love letters. A lot of us still do the romantic email thing, though–96 percent of women and 92 percent of men send cutesy messages. Texting was another biggie, with 97 percent of us sending lovey-dovey messages to our beaus and 89 percent of them returning the gesture. Cute!

Twitter wasn’t as popular in the study, with only 43 percent of us and 39 percent of dudes admitting to using the microblogging site to express our affections. However, that’s because not all of the people in the survey used Twitter to begin with. There’s another potential reason for that, too: Tweets are public (as a lot of “accidental” nude photo leaks have proven), and not everyone likes their private life on display like that.

It’s worth noting, however, that this survey was conducted through–which is essentially a Sugar Daddy resource for rich dudes to hook up with eager, willing girls… So add an extra layer of “yecch” to these findings if you want. But it’s definitely a good insight to how to write love letters to the dude you’re into–keep them brief and keep them electronic!

Have you ever sent a guy a love letter? Do you want love letters to make a comeback? What do you usually include in your love letters? Tell us in the comments!

Now use that knowledge to get out of the friend zone!

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  • Liza Nosikova

    I had a question, if you really like a guy and you want to ask him to hang out with you, how can you ask him to make it sound interesting and keep him interested?

  • Rebecka

    I wrote my boyfriend a letter, but im not sure how i should hand it to him. any ideas ? lol

  • jhovie pangit

    i really love my guy bestfriend who’s not free and who’s not able to be mine because there’s someone who’s more important for him than me

  • Steven’s Gurl

    So there is this guy i like… His name is Steven. Last year we both liked each other but like we never went out. It was really complicated though. Now He doesn’t like me anymore and I told him I didn’t Like him either anymore e but i realized that I still do. I started leaving notes in his locker and today i sent my friend to give him one in person. Idk what I should expect though. We used to talk all the time over FB but like 2 months ago he sed to me that we should start talking in person. It hasnt happened yet… I dont think it will. Now we dont talk anymore. Idk what to do. Hes changed too… Hes like a player now. Hitting on every single gurl he sees. Im not one of them tho.

  • Caroline

    I really like this guy at my school, and he’s also in my band class. He seemed to like me last year but this year we don’t have any classes together. A few of my friends have warned me that he might like this other girl, Kaitlin. They told me to make a move and thars what I am doing. Tomorrow, I have to give one of my guy-friends my letter and he has to get it to him. Yikes! So hoping letters aren’t too corny, especially since we’re only in 7th.

    • nan

      good luck
      make him yours

  • alisa

    never write n anonymous love letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sid

      lol why not? i used to do that a lot… leave notes anonymus

  • non toxicated

    They was a boy which is handsome if I mean handsome he was really handsome. One day he was looking at me and talking to his friends I was confused wether he likes me or not one day he was looking at me in class and I asked him why was he looking at me he said because I’m beautiful and the some day while I was on my way home coming from school he asked me to stoip I stopped and we walked together and he asked my name I gave it to him and he ask me on a date we went when we were eating he stopped me and smooch me I was speechless. That how we felt in love

  • Sophie

    I made a cute little love letter that looks like an envelope and stuck a cut out red heart shape on it.This morning i went to school and called out one of my friends to help me deliver the letter to my crush because she and my crush are classmates in business was a success… It was art class after everyone had their humanities class (he and I are classmates in art).When he came in class he announced to his friends that he got a note fron my friend who helped me out earlier.but now it bothers me that i don’t know if he knows that the letter was from me..i wanted him to know,but how?write him another love letter?
    By the way,in that love letter i wrote: “I like’re pretty cool and smart. It’d be great if we get to know each other better…. From: #4”
    (I wrote ‘#4’ because I’m the 4th child in my family)

    • pretty girl swagg

      if he loves you then tell him if he does and say how you feel about him and how long you have loved him

      • Sophie

        He already knew that it was me because his friends told him that it was me (i have no idea how they found out about it). So now he knows..things were a bit awkward at first but i managed to have small talks with him like once or twice a month.and on the last day before mid-term break i gave him a bag of my homemade cookies.its the third day since school reopened and i don’t know how to approach him..or should i not?and if i do,what should i say?

  • Ronay

    People say that writing letters the old fashion way is a lost art, but I still write letters to my loved ones. It’s more personal and they can hold on to it rather then having to dig through old e-mails to find it. My friends and family appreciate it more when it’s hand written and my lover he absolutely adores the letter I wrote him. There is something beautiful and nostalgic about classic love letters that e-mails, tweets, and facebook just don’t have. So write a love letter and maybe even send it in the mail. It really makes a difference to the one you love.

  • Artemis95

    I really wish that love letters were still popular. I think technology has made people too impersonal. I mean, I like the convenience sometimes. Who doesn’t? But it’s so easy that it doesn’t really require any effort. You don’t really even need to care about who your sending it to. Actually sitting down and taking time out of your day to write a love letter to someone clearly shows how much you care about them more than a quick text would.

  • abigail

    Its sad to know that no one uses love letters. And honestly, the younger you are the cuter the letter is. When i was in fifth grade me and my boyfriend used to send each other love letters and its cute because we didnt know what true love was. We were young, but even though we were young, we knew how to make each other smile which made things romantic.

  • Rachel

    Love letters are so romantic and sweet! I wish they were still popular.

  • Rachel

    I think it’s sad that love letters are rapidly becoming obsolete. When my boyfriend and I had to spend a semester apart in college we wrote eachother love letters frequently, although we still Skyped, texted, and saw eachother a couple times a month. Seeing his handwriting was much more exciting than seeing text on a screen!