Anti-Bullying Month: We Are All Daniel Cui

October is Anti-Bullying month. Get ready to be inspired. Facebook posted this amazing story of Daniel Cui. Daniel was a freshman soccer goalie playing for the varsity team. He was already facing criticism for being “just a freshman” but when he missed a crucial block and lost the game he became subject to harsh bullying. Angry fans posted and tagged pictures of Daniel’s missing pass. He was so devastated that he couldn’t show his face in school. His teammates knew something had to be done to get their goalie in better spirits. Instead of retaliating with the bullies, they did something else.

They found a picture of Daniel making an amazing save and changed it to their profile pic. Then suddenly a bunch of other people started doing it. Eventually thousands of people changed their profile picture to Daniel Cui’s awesome save. Then Daniel came back to school and played better than ever. He even made the save of his life. It’s always cool to see people unifying over kindness instead of hatred. There will always be a couple of bullies shouting, but the hundreds of compassionate voices will always echo louder.

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