Wanna Know Your Horoscope? A Peek At October 2012!


(September 23 – October 22)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Libra! Some girls would get kind of nutso over this current love situation, but you’re doing an awesome job of thinking clearly. Listen carefully to your secret feelings, and not just when it comes to that special somebody. There are some pretty life-changing moments around the corner, and you can’t get swept away! Use your talent for seeing all points of view, but stay centered in your own. You can love passionately but also wisely. In social life this is an era of confidence. People are seeing you as a role model (and fashion icon, too!).

Your October Power Play: New surroundings? New crowd? Resist the urge to just follow the leader. Trust your heart and live your life your way!

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  • katenok

    yay, empowering horoscope. 😀

  • Alisha

    I love the Gurl Leo Horcoscopes they are darn so TRUE!!!

  • AShadowTiger

    I’m pretty sure Aquarius and Pisces are mixed around. Pisces symbolise the two fish and Aquarius symbolises the flow of water.

  • lilyloo

    Hey, libras!doncha just Love our pic?