Wanna Know Your Horoscope? A Peek At October 2012!


(May 21 – June 20)

A lot is up to someone you love right now, but this doesn’t mean giving up your control completely. Make a choice from your own heart about what you really want, and you’ll feel a lot less stuck. Early this month, something from the past (for example, a plan or a goal, perhaps a friendship, or a bond you have with an authority figure) will bring some luck your way. When you’re faced with a choice (and you will be!) don’t take the easy, expected route. You’ll gain a lot more by going a different way.

Your October 2012 Power Play: Follow your “inner calling” – whether this is a something creative or a subject you want to study or a place you want to explore. Avoid the conventional; you were born to make a startling impact!

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  • katenok

    yay, empowering horoscope. 😀

  • Alisha

    I love the Gurl Leo Horcoscopes they are darn so TRUE!!!

  • AShadowTiger

    I’m pretty sure Aquarius and Pisces are mixed around. Pisces symbolise the two fish and Aquarius symbolises the flow of water.

  • lilyloo

    Hey, libras!doncha just Love our pic?