Are You A Blonde? Then You Might Be More Likely To Cheat!

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Taylor Swift has always been blonde. According to CheaterVille, that implies she may be more likely to cheat than her brunette BFF, Selena Gomez. | Source:

Blondes may have more fun–and they might have more flings, too, according to a new study. CheaterVille published a survey, and it’s findings were pretty damning for light-haired ladies. A whopping 43 percent of the female cheaters reported were blondes, followed by 23 percent with red hair, 20 percent with brown, and 11 percent with black manes.

Conversely, if your boyfriend has brown hair, you may want to watch out, according to CheaterVille: 40 percent of male cheaters had brown hair, with 32 percent sporting black, 20 percent blonde, and 5 percent red. (Turns out ginger men, at least, do have souls!)

Before we go any further, let’s go into what CheaterVille actually is. CheaterVille is a website designed to “out” cheating lovers, a tool for scorned people to exact a tiny bit of revenge of whoever wronged them in their relationship. It seems okay in theory–and there’s really few worse feelings than being cheated on (and almost nothing that can justify it). However, you also have to consider: If someone is vindictive enough to publicize their own humiliation just for the sake of making someone else’s life Hell–instead of simply moving on in a classy, self-respectful and healthy manner–they may not have the best outlook on situations like these. If someone dwells on something like a cheating lover to the point of posting about it publicly online, it makes you wonder if they were mature and stable enough to enter a relationship to begin with.

katy perry cheaters blondes cheaterville

Katy Perry was born blonde, but her hair’s black now. Does that mean she’s less likely to cheat than she was before? We’re calling BS! | Source:

But anyway! We’re calling BS on the study as a whole. Part of why we’re doing this is the reason we just explained–the findings are being reported by less-than-reasonable people (which is understandable–it’s hard to think logically and clearly when you’re in a hurt, emotional state). There’s a lot more at play here, too: What happens if you dye your hair? Are only natural blondes cheaters? What about bottle brunettes like Katy Perry (who was born blonde)? Taylor Swift is a blonde and has been her whole life–we don’t think she’d necessarily engage in infidelity, do you? Hair color chameleons like Rihanna pose their own set of problems–what happens if someone had red hair when they cheated on you, but black when you reported it? What about Nicki Minaj, who wears rainbow wigs so often that no one knows what her actual hair looks like? We’re just saying, there’s a pretty freakin’ big margin of error here.

And, obviously, this is all besides the point: Character, not coloring, determines whether someone will cheat. If your boyfriend has brown hair but treats you like gold, a study based on scorned exes really shouldn’t make you question his fidelity. Similarly, if you’re loyal and loving but happen to have golden locks, there’s no need to head to the salon to darken your ‘do. Unless, of course, you feel like it!

Do you think hair color plays a role in fidelity? Have you ever been cheated on? What color hair did he or she have? Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend? Tell us in the comments!

Kristen Stewart wasn’t a blonde when she made out with her director!

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  • 4evrmileyfan13

    These hair-color steryotypes r so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who believes them anymore?

  • Paulette

    It should depend on the person who cheats not the hair color.

  • sammygirl5

    I dont think taylor would cheat i she did we would know cuz she’ll write a song about it! Im a total swiftie and i dont think she will