Your Complete Guide On How To Deal With Hating Your Hometown

hate your hometown

Your hometown probably isn’t so bad. Really! | Source

Hating your hometown is a really crappy feeling, especially when it seems like everyone around you is all gung-ho about it. It can make you feel like you don’t fit in (which is enough to deal with) and also make you seem sort of trapped. Have no fear! We’re here to help you make the most of where you are right now and plan an escape plan to get to where you want to be. Who knows? You may grow to miss your hometown and stick around. Find out how to appreciate the place lucky enough to have you–and how to get out if you really want to.

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  • i live two hours away from my “home” town – i use that word loosely. I can’t wait until no one expects me to go there – the “family” that hates my presence, the “memories” of all the crap, the invites to weekends there i loathe going to. i’m sure some people love where they grew up but for me i’m even ready to move farther (to another country) so I really have no reason to come “home” – even on xmas.

  • Amy

    I love traveling, always have. Where I come from it was a given that you would move at some point so my friends always left. I was fine with that, they soon became annoying anyways so I was cool with it. But now I’m stuck at a place were I have to stay. Friends are still there, annoying as ever, everyone gets annoying to me (sorry!) Being here is like trying to take the tiger out of the wild, you can take her out of it- but you can’t take it out of her. When I’m old enough I plan to travel all over. My mother always questions me about it all the time.”What about staying with us instead so we have someone to take care of us when we get old?” Mom, I’ve lived with you enough, I’m not staying here to have to ripe your BUTTS!(love u mom)

  • Bellen

    I wish i lived in the US ):

  • faye

    I don’t hate my hometown, I hate my school! The teachers are on strike so there are no clubs, so it’s go to school, learn, go home. It’s hard to meet new people without clubs!

  • mmourer

    I absolutly hate where I live, no denying it. The entire highschool is made up of about 300 people, including faculty. Your related to just about everyone and you’ve know everyone since they were in diapers. The closest fast food reastraunt it 100 miles away and so is the closest mall and walmart, kmart etc… in any direction- no joke. The only teen places to hang out are a small skatepark, and a library- both right next to eachother. Theres nothing to do, unless your 4-7 years old or 60+ years old. I live in Pinedale, Wyoming- in between Jackson Hole and Rock Springs.

  • SUJU

    I don’t HATE my hometown… Well actually, I do. I live near Cincinnati, but I can’t exactly drive there whenever I want. And really, I just find whole other countries a lot more interesting. I think that maybe I can study abroad during college or teach abroad. I just wish there was more going on where I live so I don’t feel so miserable or bored all of the time…