How Can I Be Positive I Really Had An Orgasm?

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I have heard everyone has different feeling orgasms. So, how can I be positive I’ve had one?

ChickRx expert Evelyn Resh, Certified Sexuality Counselor & Nurse-Midwife, says:

You’re very right. Not all orgasms are created equal. Even the same person can have very different feeling orgasms. Some are really mind-blowing. Others feel good, but are no big deal. The differences are related to how tired, scared, drunk, or high or turned-on we are in the first place.

What most women will say about their orgasms is that they feel themselves getting more and more turned-on and as this is happening, they get the sense that they’re moving in the direction of something that will end in a fantastic feeling in their bodies. Once they do orgasm, there’s a feeling of being flooded with amazing physical sensations. Sometimes, there will also be contractions in the pelvis or vagina. These are often rhythmic and make a great feeling even better. Eventually, when this fabulous feeling subsides, a woman will feel really content and calm.

But of course, this isn’t the exact same for everyone. All orgasms are different. What’s most important to remember about all this is that there is no “right way” to have an orgasm. Based on my experience, women know when they have had the big O. My guess is that if you’re not sure, you probably haven’t had one.

My number one suggestion is that if you aren’t sure if the feelings you’ve had are an orgasm, try masturbating. Being alone and able to totally relax will give you more of a chance to experiment. This will give you lots of information about how your body works and you’ll get to know your own orgasmic or non-orgasmic feelings a whole lot better.

How did you know you had a orgasm? Have you ever been unsure? Let me know in the comments.

Your sex ed teacher could have all the facts wrong!

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  • Alex

    I’ve been using the shower head to pleasure myself and it feels so good. I get to the point when I moan so loud I almost scream my legs begin to twitch and my vagina begins to tense up and then I move the water from my clit and the sensation just stops. Is this an orgasam?

  • Apevon Tarskin

    Are you fully retarded?

  • April

    Got a question for any, when I’m using a vibrator and when I hit the right spot my body gets hot and my leg’s curl up and my body moves. Am I having an orgasm

  • Shirl

    Mind-blowing as I started squirting out of my oo-noo when I was a teenager.

  • evans

    i really want to experience making a girl reach her orgasm

  • Cinder

    The easiest way for me to explain an orgasm is like a water balloon being filled with water. The tingly pressure builds and builds with every flick like little drops of water bring added until the balloon can’t hold anymore water. One flick, two flicks, and it feels like you are dangling on the edge of something big and amazing. And then, boom. Your vagina feels like pleasure floods it inside and out, like that water balloon bursting. Before orgasm the pleasure may be mostly centered around the clit but as you get closer, the pleasure moves deeper into the vagina until, at orgasm, your internal muscles feel tingly and amazing. They will probably clench and release rhythmically, especially if you continue with the stimulation. After the orgasm ends, your clit especially will be very sensitive. You may find that any touch to the area makes you gasp and pull away from the over sensitivity. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • dan

      Can I continue having sex with my girlfriend after after making her orgasm through fingering???

  • danielle

    So I read stories on orgasms and decided I really wanted one. So I got out my old toothbrush and started rubbing it round my clit. It was lovely. Then I felt a tingling sensation and I kept going until I squirted. It felt amazing!

  • Kelsey

    I’ve been having sex for quite a few years now and trust me it has always felt great but there was something missing. I never actually orgasmed during sex. I thought that there was something wrong with me for a while because all my friends had been talking about it. They all told me “oh trust me you will know when you orgasm” but that never really helped explain it to me. I didn’t ever know until recently. I had my boyfriend go down on me for quite a while because it takes that long to build up the feeling but he had been sucking pretty hard and then all of a sudden I got the most amazing feeling down there. It felt like my clit was exploding. It got all warm and tingly and I started squirming like crazy. Another part was the muscle contractions everyone talks about. It literally just takes your breath away and is the most amazing feeling in the world. So trust me everyone can orgasm it may just take a whole to really get you over the edge. Try experimenting different clitoral stimulation or if you have a boyfriend have him go down on you like it worked for me. You will be happy. I sure am:)

  • Dianne

    Girls, if you unsure as to whether or not you’ve actually had an orgasm, believe me – you haven’t. You will know one when you feel one. There is an overwhelming feeling of having to be stimulated ‘down there’ and oral stimulation along with penetration is guaranteed to push you over the edge. The outcome is that your v-jay-jay wants to butt up against your partner’s mouth involuntarily and once those contractions start, they can’t ever be mistaken. Your vulva swells and fills with blood, your heart rate thunders and your clitoris throbs. The sensation of those heavenly contractions are a result of whether your partner (or you) have kept stimulating your clit until you convulse. And convulse you do. Try the jet stream of a hot hard hand held shower rose, a vibe or your partner’s tongue and (clean) fingers. Guaranteed to work. Every time, if you’re horny.