7 Ways To Win Over Your Parents

No matter how much you love your parents, you guys probably don’t always see eye to eye. Yeah, mom and dad only have your best interest at heart, but that doesn’t make their strict rules any less annoying! You might not be able to always get them to do what you want, but you can win them over on a daily basis… and that will help you in the future.

No idea where to start? We’ve got your back, girl. Winning over your parents is a lot easier than you think. Check out these 7 fool-proof ways to win over mom and dad. You’ll thank us later.


Surprise them with dinner once in a while

Food is a totally yummy way to get in good with someone. You don’t have to be a master chef to put a meal on the table for your parents. It can be as simple as boxed mac and cheese or defrosting a pizza and having it waiting for them after work. (Who doesn’t like pizza? No one, that’s who.) The thoughtful gesture is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces…and maybe some extra allowance in your pocket.


Clean up after yourself all the time

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is! Wash that Nutella crusted spoon in your room. Pick up the clippings from your Harry Styles paper mache project. And clear your own plate off the table after a meal. This stuff takes, like, five seconds and will earn you 5 million brownie points.


Always say thank you

Just say a quick “thank you” when they do something for you. Even when your Mom buys you white leggings and forces you to try them on in front of her entire book club (true story) say thanks. It’s the thought that counts and it will make them feel all warm and gooey inside.


Hang out with them once in a while

We know that your boyfriend or BFF are probably more fun than your parents…and hanging with them involves a lot less spandex, but make some time to hang with the ‘rents. Watch a TV show together or bring your mom to the mall. Not only will it make them happy, but it will also bring you guys closer. And that hopefully means a lot less arguing.


Ask them about their college days

It might seem like your parents have no life outside your house, but I bet there’s a box full of pictures of your dad with a mustache that says otherwise. Take some time to ask them about when they met and their youth. Guaranteed the visuals will be hilarious…I mean heartwarming. I really meant heartwarming.


Compliment them sometimes

Tell your mom she looks great in white spandex. Tell your dad his knock knock joke is funny. No need to be a fake about it, but everyone loves to hear how awesome they are. Even parents.


Tell them about your day

Alright, so I get that you’re not going to tell your parents everything that goes on in your life. But take the highlights, gloss them up a bit, and share them with your parents. They’d love to hear about what you’re learning in school and will probably even be interested in the drama in your friend group. If they know what’s going on in your life, they’ll be way more understanding when you need to bend the rules (like making curfew) to actually have a life.

How do you win your parents over? Do you argue with your parents a lot? Do you already do all of this stuff? Tell us in the comments!


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  • tabatha

    always am proving or justifying to my mother nothing ever seems good enough for her. am the eldest and only girl and now has taken my daughter as a trophey or seems like making up for the wonderful life she had provided me.

  • archita

    I always try but its never fulfield

  • F

    i’ve been doing this all my life, it’s sad that some people need to be told. Even so, there will always be a little friction with your parents.

    • mayra

      i’ve been doing this all my life too, but my parents don’t seem very grateful for that. You guys a have a good life.