Are You Pretty? Find Out For Real!

are you pretty?

Is beauty only skin deep? | Source: Shutterstock

Okay, there’s one question we all really want to know about ourselves at one point or another: “Am I pretty?” So, we talked to some experts, did a little math, and came up with this quiz that will tell you once and for all whether or not you are pretty. Do you really want to know the truth?!

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  • imreal chloe

    Apparently i have body disphormic disorder or something like that but the truth is that im plainly ugly

  • jada rbinson

    no you are’nt ugly think posttive about ur self

  • Sonata

    I have short dark brown hair that is in mutiple plaits, my eyes are brown, but are noticed in bright light, my skin is a dark tan(slightly.) and i am chubby. Am i ugly? Cause i think so…

    • lovelia

      U shouldn’t have to worry you are great just how you are