Are You Pretty? Find Out For Real!

are you pretty?

Is beauty only skin deep? | Source: Shutterstock

Okay, there’s one question we all really want to know about ourselves at one point or another: “Am I pretty?” So, we talked to some experts, did a little math, and came up with this quiz that will tell you once and for all whether or not you are pretty. Do you really want to know the truth?!

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What makes you feel your prettiest? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatarkeke says:

    Yu know.. I know I might not be the most prettiest girl or we feel like were fat or chubby regardless ur situation but who said were not beautiful???? And if someone did then whatever! They don’t controll us or you :). Look I’m big as known but i was made In Gods image and I’m beautiful u are beautiful stop lying to urself and looking for quizes to determine that and remember who ever could of called u fat . You are not fat. Not only is that incorrect grammar . It’s not true . Fat is something in your body therefore it does not determine who u are ;D Jesus loves ~written by the bae lol

  2. avatarelena01 says:

    I am So pretty..? I hope is true!!!!! <3

    I have a question someone answer me please,
    how can I create a quiz? I can or not?


  3. avatarunknown says:

    I have low self esteem and I just got dumped. Yay for me.

  4. avatarunknown says:


  5. avatardoes it matter? says:

    I hav medium leanghth brown-black hair, dark dark dark brown eyes, I’m a little above average in height, people compliment me a lot, I guess I’m popular, I have a bf, I’m in shape, and I have clear skin, I’m pretty kind, but I’m pretty shy, and I have zero curves. Do I sound pretty??

  6. avatarLisbeth says:

    I think everyone is pretty

  7. avatarLisbeth says:

    I think you people are pretty

  8. avatarLisbeth says:


  9. avatarg.h says:

    Im ugly i hate my self;(

  10. avatarMegan says:

    Im pretty? aww that’s so nice, thankyou.

  11. avatarBlond says:

    You’re all ugly!Dirty bitches)

    • avatarTia says:

      Hey that’s not nice your just jealous because you probley got a bad rating or whatever on the quiz.I think you have some apologies to make. ):

    • avatardoes it matter? says:

      People ur all gorgeous, and if anyone says different, they’re obviously idiots

  12. avatarjessuca says:

    I feel ugly but family and friends say I am

  13. avatarsade says:

    I complain that im ugly all the time because of low self estem but my family and friends calls me pretty all the time but i think they do that to be nice….but they always say thier serious..

    • avatarTia says:

      I bet your perfect in every way(: Also you should believe your family and friends,my family and friends never lie and your shouldn’t either. (:

  14. avatarAnna says:

    I’m pretty and cute

  15. avatarJuliet says:

    I dnt knw

  16. avatarMiley says:

    I am pretty

  17. avatarMei says:

    I got You are Oh so pretty….I got to say this brought up my self esteem a bit so thanks so much!!

  18. avatarAmy says:

    I’m ugly

    • avatardoes it matter? says:

      Nobody is ugly, honestly. So don’t say that unless ur looking for sympathy, which I’m not saying u r. NEVER CALL YOURSELF UGLY! (Cuz ur amazing, just the way you are….teehee) goooooo gurl power!

  19. avatarsumeya says:

    i am ugly girl

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