Why I’m Not Buying Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution

Lady Gaga Body Revolution

Here she goes again . . . | Source: littlemonsters.com

So, today Lady Gaga posted pics of herself in her underwear and announced her “Body Revolution 2013,” a big old body empowerment sha-bang. She’s inviting her fans to post pics of their bodies–perceived flaws and all–so the everyone can see just how beautiful they really are.

On the surface, this is all very good. We can all use a little body image boost now and then, and maybe some young people suffering from eating disorders (like Lady Gaga has) will get some help from this. In fact, we really DO hope that some girls get some help. That said, it’s still leaving a rotten taste in our mouths.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Everything Lady Gaga has done since she hit it big has been super calculated, with the end result being huge pay days for her and her team. She tries to be controversial or likable by waving a banner for her cause of the day and then when the fanfare dies down, she goes onto her next thing. Gay rights (remember when she basically took credit for ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?). Bullying (let’s not even get started about the ridiculously insulting “kindness sticks” she was selling at the start of this school year). Gender fluidity (her cross-dressing moment just confused everybody). And now? Body image. These are all hugely important issues, and yet she’s used every one of these to raise her own visibility and sell concert tickets without really helping any cause that much. It kind of grosses me out. Not to mention that she had rumored sexual predator and all-around creepster-dude Terry Richardson take the underwear pics she used to launch the campaign. Excuse me while I rip my hair out.

In my view, if Lady Gaga really wanted to be a positive role model for girls with body image issues, she wouldn’t be tooting her own horn so damned much. Isn’t it enough to just be the weight you are (and seriously, good for her if this is the weight she wants to be!), feel confident, and show the world that they can’t take you down? I’m just kind of sick of her climbing up on her soap box (or, er, website) and acting like she’s the hero of this issue or that issue and that she’s SO STINKIN BRAVE for addressing it when she’s absolutely not the first, nor even the most involved celebrity to be involved with any issue she’s attempted to tackle.

Here at Gurl, we love when celebs really care about a cause and get involved to make a difference-especially when they don’t make every good deed into a monster-sized publicity stunt.

What do you think? Is Lady Gaga basically a PR monster who uses causes to her advantage? Do you think her Body Revolution is awesome? Tell us in the comments!

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  • LittleBabydoll

    I agree with this article 100%

  • AshleyDD

    I thought Gurl was supposed to be nice.Every post I have seen about a star has been hating on them for some reason or another. I used to think Gurl was nice.Now, i’m not so sure.

  • Sydney

    I 100% agree with this article actually. I’m really happy at least some see through her facade

  • Mitchie1

    I agree with Laura and Avery.

  • Michelle

    I’m really disappointed in Gurl. Two posts bashing Lady GaGa? Is it so hard to imagine that someone famous can feel strongly about something without it being perceived as attention-seeking? And what’s wrong with bringing attention to gay rights and body image and bullying? Maybe people are buying her concert tickets and merchandise because they want to support someone who has the same morals and ideas as them. I’m sad that Gurl is bashing a fellow woman, especially one who is bringing up issues that many women face.

  • Anna

    O hey, someone who see this famemonger for who she really is.

  • Ohh Lala

    Are you guys like anti-gaga or something? She’s not my favorite person around. Honestly what is with all the hate? I thought you guys were pro helping each other( yeah I just made a term but you get the gist). She can’t support more than one cause. Let’s say I want to tackle animal cruelty one year; do some work with it; and now I want to tackle gay rights. I can’t do that? I mean come on you guys got on her for her weight and now got on her for supporting loving your body when she has learned/has to learn how to lover her own body. Come on this is a cause obviously near and dear to her heart personally. Can we not support her? Or at least if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all.

  • D

    WOW. I have never read anything about Lady Gaga that I agree more with. I’m so pleased that some people see through her. I don’t buy into just about anything that Lady Gaga does.

    • Veronica L

      yes! everything she does is so forced

  • leyla

    this website is really starting to piss me off. they ran out of interesting articles to write about so now they’re bashing lady gaga for NO GOOD REASON.

  • Laura

    I am disappointed that you would post two articles that only focus on her weight for the most part when supposedly you are accepting of women and all body types. All celebrities go through this, why is it that Gaga is being picked on so much for it? Many people find what she does moving and at least she is bringing attention to it, that’s better then doing nothing. I think celebrities have too much focus put onto their weight as is and it doesn’t help to go tearing them down because they add a few pounds or because they want to accept their own body as much as the next non famous person.

  • Avery

    this is the second post in one week bashing Lady Gaga. my goodness gurl.com i thought we supported our fellow women on this site. I’ve seen a lot of hate going around from you guys basically calling Lady Gaga an attention whore. Last week it was “she gained weight for attention” and this week “she is trying to boost confidence in people for attention.” i just don’t understand this Gaga hate. Seeing as she was recently called out for weight gain i think its pretty cool that she released the pics.