10 Ways To Look Super Pretty In Pictures

My friends tease me because I have a “good side” and I staunchly, insanely, rabidly refuse to be photographed from any other angle. Like, ever. I look like a shoe. In fact, thanks to my fair share of red carpets and general “on the scene”-ness here in NYC, I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on how to look pretty in pictures . . . even if if I’m not feeling my super best. Maybe too good, actually. I’ve had more than one date comment that I somehow look better in pictures than I do in person. Um. Thanks, bro.

But, my dates’ disappointment is  your gain! I’ve compiled 10 of the best tips on how to be pretty (seriously, your very prettiest!) in your snapshots–no Photoshop required! Just steal these 10 celebrity red-carpet moves and and you’ll be saying “Heck yeah you can tag me” in no time!


Do you have any tricks for looking great in photos? What’s your perfect picture pose? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. avatar makayla says:

    hey I like to be like be you so that is

  2. avatar melina marchetta says:

    um its taylor swift are you alll stupid.

  3. avatar lela says:


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  5. avatar juniper says:

    That’s not Dianna Agron. That’s Ginnifer Goodwin. Aha.

  6. avatar Niall says:

    You should let your inner you shine. Dot focus on the camera, love. Think about how amazing you definetely look. I do that in my photographs and all the directioners tell me I look hot. Haha but if you are a girl, ask Garry. He knows a lot of girl stuff, which is weird… But yeah ask Harry

  7. avatar İdil says:

    Thats NOT Dianna Agron!

  8. avatar Nia says:

    Are you sure that’s Dianna Agron?

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