I Like A Younger Guy. Is That Weird?

I like a younger guy

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Hi there Heather,

Well, I kind of think I like this boy… but the problem is, he’s two or three years younger than me. I feel very weird about it. My parents used to tease me, saying stuff like, “Oh, would you date him if he was older?” or “We’d be okay with you dating him” and they’d also call me a cougar. This isn’t the first time this has happened either – the last boy I liked was younger than me also. I don’t like it at all. Is it weird that I like younger guys? Please help.

No reason to feel embarrassed about this, girl. There’s nothing wrong with liking a guy who’s a little younger than you! In fact, it’s even sort of a trend. Selena Gomez is two years older than Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez is dating a guy who’s almost 20 years her junior. Celebs like Madonna, Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston have all dated younger guys in the past. They may have been called “cougars” by the media, but they didn’t let it affect their relationships.

That being said, I know that it can still feel weird to be crushing on someone who isn’t the same age as you, especially when they’re younger. I understand that you’re worried about what people will think and how your friends will react. But as we’re always saying on Gurl.com, who cares what they think?! If you like someone, it shouldn’t matter how old they are or what they look like or where they’re from. The only thing that matters is that you like them and that they make you happy.

So, trust me, there’s nothing wrong with you for liking younger dudes. While an age gap might be a little awkward sometimes, if two people like each other enough they can make it work. And don’t worry about this happening in the future – once you get older, a two or three year age difference in a couple actually becomes super common and really isn’t a big deal at all.

Try to forget about how your parents are teasing you and focus on your own feelings. If you really like this guy and you think he might like you back, it could be worth a shot. Younger guys usually get a bad rep for being immature and silly, but that’s just a stereotype. There are some really great younger guys out there, and like the famous song says, sometimes age really is nothing but a number.

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  • Claire

    I don’t think I ever stopped liking a guy I think I just made up excuses not to but here is the problem I’m 13 and he is 12 is that ok?

  • Blondie

    I like this guy who is 2 years younger than me (im 14 almost 15 and he’s 12 almost 13) and hes one of the sweetest people ever, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks and thats all that matters.

  • reine

    i’m 15(nearly 16) and im dating a 14(nearly 15) year old guy!! It’s a kinda hard relationship cuz some people at school when they see us together say we are disgusting!! They are often being rude to us!! And some guys often bully him!! What give me courage to continue is him!! He is so nice!! We’ve together for 2months now and i kinda like him a lot!! And i think he is worth it!! i wont let anybody choose who i must date!! Or destroy the wonderful we have for each other!!

    • Raymond

      I’m homeschooled and I meet a 16 year old girl I like but I’m 15 so how do I know if she likes me. She i homeschooled too.

      • Caitlyn

        To know if she likes you see if she flirts with you which is like a playful act like giggling a lot constantly blinking making eye contact blushing ect but the more time you spend with her tends for you do to develop something more than friendship go for it dude!x

  • Sierra

    I usually date guys older than me and that was going bad so I started dating this guy it just slipped my mine to ask him his age and I ended up asking him later his age turns out he is like a year or so younger than me and the relationship has been really awsome…….I couldnt imagine a better guy, and my family makes fun of me too and my friends but this guy makes me happy and makes me feel special thats all that matters

  • Eli

    I liked this guy for a really long time, but he was four years younger than me. It was pretty obvious he liked me back too. Yet we never got together because we knew the people around us weren’t going to like it one bit. So instead we just stayed as really good friends even though we acted like a couple. About four months ago I went to Mexico, and when I came back a month later we drifted apart. He now had a girlfriend, and he really like her. We never really had told each other that we liked each other, but it had always been pretty obvious. Now we just rarely talk which is really sad seeing how we had become really good friends. I really miss him, but I’ve accepted that we aren’t the same as we use to. Even though at times I still wish I could hug and talk to him like I use to.

  • RavenBelle

    I began liking a younger guy at the start of the year, and I thought it would be really awkward if I made a move and people might find out and be like, COUGAR! I’m 16 and he’s 14 (but the the year below me in school) and I’m over the moon to say that eventually, I got up the guts to talk to him and text him and now we’re going out! Some people at school have been bitchy about it, but our friends are really supportive and we’re not listening to the haters. He is possibly the sweetest guy I have ever known and I’m so glad I didn’t follow the crowd and forget about him 🙂

  • Emily

    I don’t really see why it’s Ok if it’s the guy that’s two or three years older and not Ok if the girl is older. it’s odd

  • Alexz

    I like this guy who is 3 years younger than me! Ive liked him since February. Im in my first year of college now and he’s a sophomore in highschool. It sounds weird but thats just how it is. Sometimes when Im at his family’s house, we just click soooo well. Im super close with his mom and she knows how I feel. She assured me Ill find plenty of guys in college and Ive found some cool ones but I still think of him ALL the time.
    During my senior year of high school, my friends would tease me. Saying I was “robbing the craddle” and other stuff that I really got offended by. I dont plan on acting inappropriately or “illegaly” with him. Its kind of scary but I think I love him.
    I was watching the movie “Fear” with my roommate the other day and Mark Wahlberg (looks not actions!) reminded me of my guy and I was like “OMG!” the entire movie!!

    Im just really ready for us both to be at an age where it “wouldnt be a problem”. I just keeping hoping and praying!! Good luck!

    • Lala92

      I have the same problem. The guy I like is 17 and a Junior. Plus, he hasn’t turned 18 yet. He has been my guy friend for awhile now. Our conversations are really funny and I think he might like me. I am not sure.
      I’m in college (2nd yr), and he is still at my small private high school.
      My two friends and cousin are the only ones who know about my liking for him. I don’t wanna rush through by asking him or want to be in a relationship with him, until my friends and I know that he actually likes me for real. I have seen the comments, and it has made me believe that I can date him when the time is right and if he ever feels the same later on. Still need advise tho. Thanks.

  • Kitty

    I completely understand this. I also like younger guys, and, at sixteen, I get the whole “cougar” thing all the time. I feel like it is kinda rude, because who are they to say who I like or not. I just feel more comfortable with younger guys because I feel like they will be closer to my mindset in the whole relationship thing. I’ve never had a boyfriend or been kissed, so I feel and 14 and 15 year old boys may be a little more like me.

    However, can also see why some people may find it weird. The age gap between teens feels larger than between adults. Think about it: the age gap between a 13 year old and a fifteen year old is “two whole years”. But the age gap between a 33 year old and a 32 year old is “only two years”. Remember when you were in kindergarten? You felt like the 2nd graders were waaaaaay older than you. It’s all relative.