Should You Bleach Your Vagina?!

bleach your vagina vaginal bleaching

Should you bleach your vagina? In a word, “NO!” Vaginal bleaching is dangerous! And, well, weird. | Source

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about down there, between periods, waxing, whether we’re the right size or shape (which, by the way, you are)–now we have to be insecure about the color of our private parts, too?

It may sound weird to us because we’re used to having pressure to tan, but in Asia, skin bleaching has been around for a while. In many Asian countries, being fair skinned is associated with higher class and status, because being tan is interpreted as working in fields (think of the “redneck” idea back here in the states). But after being influenced by the media, celebs, and cosmetic companies to have fair faces for so long, the market is moving down to, well, vaginas, offering vaginal bleaching products. Say it with us, now: WTF?!

A whitening vaginal wash has hit shelves in Thailand, and um, it sounds really bizarre to us. First off, vaginas are pretty sensitive–why would you want such harsh chemicals (like hydroquinone and mercury–which can poison you!) messing with your situation down there? Second, since most of the time vaginas are, you know, covered up, how is anyone supposed to know what color is “ideal” for a vagina? One ad actually offers to make your vagina “bright and translucent.” Bright. And translucent. A vagina. Certain glass is supposed to be translucent. Chances are your vagina is not made of glass. (And if it is, you have a whole other set of problems.) Third, doctors and gynos are really not happy about this, and your wallet probably wouldn’t be either–you have to keep doing it since it’s not permanent, or, conversely, it can actually turn your vagina white. Like literal, snow, copy paper, cotton ball, Clorox-fresh white. Yikes!

Perhaps what’s most infuriating about the whole vaginal bleaching thing is the fact that the media–advertisers, cosmetics companies, etc.–keep insisting that having a bleached vagina will make you more attractive to men. Here’s a quick news flash: If you need to bleach your vagina to attract a guy, chances are he is not the kind of dude you want to attract in the first place. First off, how would he know what your vagina looks like so early on? Kinda an awkward ice breaker, right? “Hey, I’m Jess! Did you know my vagina is translucent? And bright. Like, Day-Glo bright. Wait, where are you going?”

The fact is, your vagina looks fine. I don’t have to see it to know that (really, so please don’t send photos, because that would be weird and possibly illegal). But seriously–as long as your stuff is in working order and your gyno isn’t concerned with you, guess what? You don’t need vaginal bleach, because your vagina is the right color. And anyone who insists that it isn’t really doesn’t deserve to see it in the first place. Unless, of course, he’s willing to dip his own boner in a bottle of bleach first. And if that’s the case, ladies? You’re BOTH nuts.

Would you ever consider vaginal bleaching? Have you or anyone you know gotten vaginal bleaching before? Do you want to bleach your vagina? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Dominique

    I’m a 28 year old mother of a six year old. I think my vagina was a lot prettier before I gave birth, but I didn’t really notice until a few years ago while taking a shower with my daughter and she asked “Mom why do your parts look like that?” My only response was because, “Yours are a lot younger than mine.” Ever since then I have been weirdo-ing out about it. I also watch porn and the few females in those movies that I do find to be decent are the ones the little tiny pretty pink vaginas. It sucks I wish mine looked like that. I do want to, and probably would bleach my vagina, and have surgery. If 1- I could afford it and 2 if I had a bunch of people I was gonna show it to a bunch of people. But yeah I feel my youth slipping away from me, and it is very hard for me to deal with just add it to the list of things I don’t like about myself. Boo hoo listen to me whine. I apologize

  • Mahesh

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  • HappyGurl

    Well my inner thighs r darkened, it is weird and looks disgusting in swimwear. My husband is also wondering why it’s like tht; so I would not bleach private parts, but am interested in these products for my ‘problem area’.

  • Amy

    Lol I wouldn’t bleach down there.

  • Aisling

    That’s insane! I really doubt that guys care about what color your vagina is. It’s not exactly pretty to look at to begin with, so why are they so concerned with how it looks? I think that as long as it, you know, working, guys won’t mind. I think they’d actually be more freaked out if you had an unnaturally pale vagina.

    • Susan Fernandes

      Guys care about the color esp if oral sex is involved!

  • Mrs Bieber

    That’s ridiculous! Something that some people do here in the UK is “vajazzling” where girls stick diamonds onto their vagina

    • Mrs. Styles

      OH MY GOSH!! What?! Vajazzling?! That’s crazy!

  • Caroline-Elizabeth

    That is just stupid. I would never put bleach on my vagina. That just doesn’t sound right.

  • Kaitlin

    This…is absolutely crazy. How much more pressure is the media and such going to put on us? It’s like nothing about us is beautiful naturally, and we have to go and alter our appearance, like getting a nose job or breast implants. Now, here we are bleaching our vaginas? Yes, something is definitely wrong with this world. Can’t we just be comfortable in our skin? Can’t we just learn to love ourselves, and others and accept us for US?
    I am royally pissed off now.