18 Practical Beauty Tips For Every Girl

Some girls wear makeup, while others don’t, but every girl likes to feel comfortable in her own skin. Beauty tips aren’t just for glamazons. There are some tips and tricks every girl can use when she is on the go, at school, or at home. We’re not going to tell you how you “should” look, that is SO not Gurl, but we’ve compiled some practical beauty secrets that can solve problems that many of us run into every once and while.

What other helpful beauty tips and tricks would you like to see on Gurl? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatar homepage says:

    There’s no doubt that many of the aspects you have presented with your article. There’re very convincing which enable it to certainly operate. Even now, the particular content particularly quick for newbies. Do you you should expand these people somewhat out of next time? Basically article.

  2. avatar green eyes says:

    wow, i just tried the aspirin thing and it totally brought down the worst parts of my breakout. i dont think it works for all types of acne breakouts, but for those red inflamed pimples it totally works!

  3. avatar qwerty says:

    Loved the article!

  4. avatar jazz says:

    also another great tip for exfoliating the lips: brush your lips
    just find an old toothbrush (but not old as in dirty and disgusting. buy a cheap one if you have to).
    then wet it and brush in CIRCULAR MOTIONS on your lips.
    that will FOR SURE help get all the dry, dead skin off of your lips. i do it every morning and sometimes before i go to bed. trust me, it works.

    and also, make sure the toothbrush has soft bristles, you don’t want to irritate your lips even more with a rough toothbrush.

  5. avatar Ilikecats says:

    Trying the ice thing out imediately!

  6. avatar Breanna says:


  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    This is a REALLY good post. I’m def. going to try a lot of these out.

  8. avatar Nia says:

    *posts to Pinterest*

  9. avatar Kaitlin says:

    Will the aspirin mask REALLY work? Because if it does, you guys are my saviors. We have A LOT of aspirin in the house all the time, and my face likes to break out during important events. Thanks for the tips!

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