10 Goofy Celeb Twitpics From The 2012 Emmys

In case you guys missed it, the 2012 Emmys were on TV last night. We got to see some of our fave TV superstars all decked out in their most glamorous outfits, and everyone looked gorgeous. But while I love seeing celebs all dolled up, I would totally rather see their goofy, behind-the-scenes moments. And thanks to Twitter, we saw a bunch of stars acting silly, fun and basically completely normal.

Check out a few of my favorite Twitter pictures from the Emmys, including a bunch of Modern Family stars (I love that these guys are just as funny in real life as they are on TV), Lena Dunham and more. These are so much more interesting than those boring red carpet photos!


Jesse Tyler Ferguson
@jessetyler: Spanx awayyyyyyyy! #Emmy Day!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson on WhoSay
Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeted out a ton of gems – but this is my favorite. Good to know that the ladies aren’t the only ones squeezing themselves into their red carpet attire!


@jessetyler: “you’re going down”

Jesse Tyler Ferguson on WhoSay
The bromance between Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonstreet is way too adorable – so obviously I love their faux competitive picture.


Lena Dunham
@lenadunham: Emmy breakfast

Who doesn’t love a celeb that admits to eating a box of cake before an awards show? And who wouldn’t want to?!


Sofia Vergara
@SofiaVergara: Done with the room service. Now I’m ready!! #emmys

Sofia Vergara on WhoSay
I love Sofia Vergara’s sense of humor, and I love that she was eating a huge breakfast (although not actually this huge) while getting ready to be a total glamazon.


@SofiaVergara: Good night EmmyS!! What a fun night!! See u next year!!!hAjaja

Sofia Vergara on WhoSay
Well, at least we know Sofia had a fun night… maybe even too much fun.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus
@OfficialJLD: Hanging with the loveliest ladies in the land. #Emmys

Julia Louis-Dreyfus on WhoSay
Three of our favorite funny ladies in one place? Yes, please! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this awesome group?


Judd Apatow
@JuddApatow: Good toilets at HBO party

Judd tweeted tons of photos (mainly of himself) from the show, but this is definitely the most random one… not to mention the most TMI.


Heidi Klum
@heidiklum: Walking in! You don’t want to miss this #Emmys opening w/ @jimmykimmel! Been there, done that. Need 2 support!

It’s cute to see mega-stars like Heidi Klum still seem excited about going to the Emmys – even after being nominated eight years in a row.


Ellen DeGeneres
@TheEllenShow: You’re doing a great job, @JimmyKimmel . It must be the pants.

In case you missed the joke, Ellen DeGeneres gave Jimmy Kimmel her pants in the opening sequence of the show. And yes, she presented in this robe.


Sarah Hyland
@Sarah_Hyland: I could look at this for the rest of my life… @SofiaVergara

Sarah Hyland on WhoSay
I love seeing celebs tweet at each other like their besties, especially my two favorite Modern Family girls, Sarah Hyland and Sofia Vergara. So cute!


Did you watch the Emmys last night? What was your favorite moment? Which of these celebs pictured is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Seth fan

    Seth Macfarlanes Stewie tweet was hilarious. Whys that not here?