Your Complete Guide To Not Fitting In At School

not fitting in in high school

Hey, she may not fit in in high school, but she wouldn’t look out of place in a prison yard. Silver lining? | Source

Maybe you’re more into Bach than Bieber, or you’d rather focus on quantum mechanics than the mall. Maybe you have a really unique style or look that no one else quite “gets” just yet, or a distinctive voice (dude, lisps are adorbs), or you’re too shy to approach others–and it’s taken as being “weird.”

In any case, you don’t really fit in at school. Does it suck a little? Probably–and sometimes it can suck a lot (hello, awkward first day in the cafeteria). But it’s not the end of the world. In fact, you may not realize it now, but it’s probably a sort of awesome thing in the long run (but more on that later).

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s super easy to deal with in the moment. But it can be. Here’s how.

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  • catherine

    i date the hottest boy in school, i have the clothes, the makeup, everything anyone in school would want. but i dont. i want good solid friends that value love and compassion. that will be there for me. i dont need the other shit i just want someone to be there. but i dont know how

  • gil

    Not saying Gurl is racist,but,why did they put the black girl last?

    • Helpful I hope

      Not every one does and you know most people might but I tend to be ( ps. I am not g-a-y nor am I racist) a helpful person I hope a lot and if you have a problem with it then tell someone. Stand up for rights. But you should ask first why they did it before you accuse. You know most people don’t think about it . So if they don’t understand what your saying just say never mind. I hoped this helped!

  • Sasha P.

    This is amazingly true. In high school I was constantly made fun of till the point I would just go home and cry. It would even happen outside of school. It was horrible. But now I’m a sophomore in college and it is amazing, I did not know I could find so many amazing people who love my outgoing, weirdness self. They love me and I love them. It does get better!

  • Kate.c

    Hi:) hey don’t give up on yourself you a strong person I I am pretty sure!! Don’t have low self conscious!! All girls are strong some times you can be low on that but that’s ok because life is hard you can’t make it easier! I know you an do better promise!
    Don’t give up

  • Lori Stone

    I was the weird kid in high school, and I was always reassured that things would get better in university. Nope – I was still the weird kid with no friends in university. So I figured when I went to grad school in my field, people would be mature enough to respect my differences. Nope. 25 years old and I am still the weird kid with few friends. I just don’t care so much anymore.

    • yay

      Gee thanks Lori, that made me feel better…

    • Badbtchx3

      idk what to tell you. keep trying.. and step out of your comfort zone. best of of luck!

  • Athenalena

    Thanks so much for adding this article. It really helped me. I’ve been ditched by my best friend for no apparent reason (see Friend’s board…) and I’m having trouble finding people to hang out with at school. The only things that keep me going are the thoughts that in just two years this will all be over with, trying to stay positive, and knowing I have a few good friends outside of this…

  • dreams-reality

    Thank you so much for writing this article!

    As the literary-nerd in a school of 500 farmers and wrestlers, I’m relieved to hear that standing out is cool in college. So happy this wasn’t a lazy girls guide, and more of a confidence boost. Thanks!