Is Weight Gain The Only Way Lady Gaga Can Shock Anyone Anymore?

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Lady Gaga is running out of ways to shock us, so she’s resorted to … weight gain? | Source: WENN

Before we get into her weight gain (see photos here), let’s clear something up really quickly: Lady Gaga is probably the most calculating pop star on the planet. She started out as a marketing genius with really, really good hooks (and, in fairness, good pipes) and surprises up her sleeve. (Sort of like her frenemy, Madonna.)

However, after her album Born This Way failed to live up to everyone’s expectations (which isn’t to say it didn’t sell that well–thanks to an Amazon “fire sale” for super cheap, it did well in its opening week), Gaga had a hard time shocking everyone again. After the Jo Calderone thing, rolling up to the Grammys in an egg, the collabo with Queen Bey, what was really left to do? Be normal?

Gaga’s currently on her Born This Way Ball tour in Europe, and she’s spent a good amount of time in Amsterdam, where she was looking meatier than she did when she wore, well, the meat dress, and “experts” are saying she’s gained between 25 and 30 pounds. (We think it’s worth it to note that Gaga’s only 5’1″, so any weight that she gains or loses probably looks like more than it would on someone taller, like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift.)

Now, people lose and gain weight all the time. That’s not a big deal, and the fact that people are talking about Lady Gaga gaining weight is pretty absurd in itself–but we actually think that’s what Lady Gaga wants.

Don’t believe us? Consider this. Gaga’s got trainers and an entire team of pros who work with her, so despite likely having the munchies and perhaps not eating as healthily on tour as she does at home, it’d be hard for her to gain that much weight without it being at least somewhat deliberate. In addition, Gaga’s still wearing the same barely-there stage getups that she did when she was thinner. To be fair, this could be for a number of reasons: It may take a while to get new costumes made and sent to her dates, she may be in denial, whatever. But we’re pretty sure it’s for attention, because everything Lady Gaga does, says, wears, and sings is for attention.

Think about it: When’s the last time she did something that really surprised anybody? That whole furgate with PETA? Please. No one even batted an eye when she wore burquas around.

Lady Gaga has previously said things like “Pop stars don’t eat” and admitted to having an eating disorder when she was younger, so we’re not saying her weight gain is a laughing matter nor is it a big deal. We’re just saying that she probably wants it to be a big deal, because then it would mean that she’s still relevant. And considering that she has a perfume coming out and that her last few singles didn’t chart so well, it sounds like she’s taking what she can get.

We have a better idea for Lady Gaga. How about just releasing a good song from ARTPOP with minimal fanfare, pandering, and pretentiousness? That’s shock the pants off of all of us.

Do you think Lady Gaga gained weight for attention? Do you think Lady Gaga can surprise us anymore? What’s the most shocking thing you think Lady Gaga can do next? Tell us in the comments!

Who else wore a meat dress?!

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  • Anna

    We’ve all known Lady Gag-me is an attention whore. How is this any different than the other crap she’s pulled?

  • Ohh Lala

    As long as she is healthy and making good music, what’s the problem with a few pounds?. im sure she has some form of therapist around to help her with her disorder, and maintaining a proper diet. Also its wrong to assume that just because she has done things many celebrities wouldn’t even dare to do that cause heads to turn, that she would do this solely for attention. Like wth? I disagree with this article 100% percent. Let the girl do as she please and stop trying to analyze her every move based on what media says. This article is incredibly insulting to Gaga. #notevenafan.

  • Kenzie

    Why does anyone even CARE about her weight? As a website that supposedly caters to all females and encourages feminism and independence I am deeply disappointed that you would even post some stupid article like this.

    Maybe she’s gaining weight because she’s gaining weight. This is absurd.

  • Carol

    Or you know, maybe she just gained weight. . .