Want A Boyfriend? Wear Less Makeup. Maybe.


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In the latest news that will either make you happy or want to punch your monitor, a new study says that men prefer a “natural look.” A lot of guys got polled and essentially were like, “Wear less makeup! It looks so much better!”

The general consensus was “less is more,” with a more barefaced look being preferable to a mask of colors, false lashes, and bronzer a la Lady Gaga. However, a handful of dudes actually liked girls with more dramatic warpaint.

Guys’ biggest complaint? Too much foundation. However, if foundation in a perfect shade and applied well (see this gal for how), they probably can’t even tell how much you have on anyway. In fact, we bet money that they can’t. Why? Because these guys are a little clueless. In fact, the “natural” look they claimed to like so much? It actually takes just as long to apply as a Kardashian-style painted face. Seriously, scroll down to the bottom of this article to see it–as well as the laundry list of beauty supplies that go into it.

The fact is, most of us weren’t born with perfect complexions, and most of us–especially during high school–don’t have the best skin later on (not even celebs!), either. If someone feels better camouflaging their zits and then distracting from them further via shimmery eyes or something, why shouldn’t she?

Add that to the fact that another survey a few weeks back actually said guys like smoky eyes. But only sometimes. Uh…

The moral of the story here? Who the Hell cares what men think about makeup? (Except maybe drag queens, who really know their stuff with contouring.) Wear what makes you feel pretty and happy and confident, because that confidence is probably what they’re really attracted to anyway. If that means a naked face, more power to you. If that means Ke$ha-style glitter and some red lipstick, more power to you, too. If a guy isn’t into it, who cares? You know how many guys there are on this planet? Enough to make you not worry so much when one shallow dude judges you based on what you do and don’t use to enhance your own appearance.

Any guy who comments on your makeup doesn’t deserve to have any of it rubbed off on him. And considering the person men picked as ideal and natural is probably wearing more makeup right now than someone at Clown College, any guy who judges you on your looks or cosmetics in hopes of finding someone naturally perfect is probably going to die alone anyway.

Do you agree that less makeup is better, or do you prefer to look more “done”? Have you found that guys hit on you more when you wear more or less makeup? Would you alter your makeup routine for a guy? Tell us in the comments!

Amy Poehler has some awesome makeup advice, too!

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  • lina

    i agree that less makeup is better

  • Neki Nilla

    I think if you know how to apply make-up correctly, and it makes you feel confident, that’s fantastic! I used to wear eyeliner, and that is all I would wear, because I felt like I had tiny eyes, but then I gave up eyeliner for lent of 2012 and I haven’t worn any make up since! My boyfriend loves me either way (: but it’s about what makes you comfortable and happy.

  • AD

    Thanks for highlighting (spot the pun) this. The ‘natural beauty’ thing translates as, “Don’t wear makeup! … Oh, but have flawless skin. And clear eyes, and flushed, pouty lips. Look, just be the genetic 1%, okay?”

  • JAS

    BOOOO! Who cares what guys think? Every girl EVERRRRR! I know for fashion women usually dress to impress …other women, but amid MAC counters and perfect nail colors it’s gotten carried away. Girls, ever notice how cute we think you are in our shirts or in your sweats? Some people neeed make-up but if you slather it on like circus reject then it doesn’t highlight your features it drowns them out. Keep it clean and simple.