Snoop Dogg Smokes Weed With His Son WTF?

Totally. Weird. | Twitter

Snoop Dogg’s 18-year-old son, Corde, Tweeted a picture of the two smoking weed out of a bong. How do you guys feel about “cool parents”? You know, the parents who let their kids drink alcohol in the house, who will crack a beer open with their kids or who have no problem letting you puff puff pass in your bedroom.

On the one hand it seems plain wrong. Even if the reasoning behind it is to have your kids use drugs and alcohol in a safe environment with adult supervision, it still feels like parents are only encouraging their kids to get down with shady stuff. Snoop Dogg is a notorious pothead, I can only imagine that it made marijuana seem like a minor offense to his son. We also can’t forget that all of this is illegal. Weed is illegal for everyone, while alcohol is illegal for minors. Why allow your kids to get into legal trouble? Even if the parent is willing to get alcohol, letting your kids do business with shady drug dealers can make things messy and possibly dangerous.

On the other hand there isn’t a single teenager I know that when told not to do something didn’t do it anyway. No dating? LOL. No sex? Like you’re going to find out? Can’t wear this outfit? I’ll just change at school. Being a teen is essentially being super sneaky. If you’ve told your son or daughter to stop drinking and smoking pot enough times you may have to come to terms with the fact that they are going to do it anyway. Why not protect them from some of the harsher consequences, like drunk driving or binge drinking? A friend of mine would hang out with gross adults in super shady places just to get alcohol. He would binge drink a bunch of hard liquor and get sick. In reality, if it would have been legal he would have gotten a beer and stopped there.

When teenagers really want something they usually figure out how to get it. If getting it and doing it is dangerous, maybe the best solution is to have parental guidance. Telling people not to do something isn’t helpful, it’s the same logic that leads to STDs and pregnancy when all you preach is abstinence. Showing someone how to do something, that may have consequences, responsibly is usually the most effective way to prevent those negative consequences.

Personally, I would never want to drink or do drugs with my parents. It sounds majorly awkward. I also think that even if “cool parents” demand their kids drink and smoke at home only, they would still want to do it without their parents hovering around them. At least, maybe in that case the kids would still be informed on how to handle things. Freshman year of college my roommate’s parents told her, “If you’re going to smoke weed and you have the munchies, be smart about it. Have a banana ready instead of eating a ton of candy. Potassium levels are the first thing to drop when you get high.”

Still, totally awkward.

How do you feel about “cool parents”? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Bmblb

    When I was young, my parents made me and my sister drink a glass of wine with Thanksgiving dinner, almost as a rite of passage. As I got older, they told both of us “If you want to get drunk, do it at home so we know you’re safe. I’ll even buy you the alcohol.” With this in mind, I was never interested in the dangerous parties my friends were going to, and I was never interested really in any of that stuff in high school. This is my third year out of high school, and now I know that my parents would openly smoke weed if they didn’t have to worry about drug tests. Because my parents have been honest with me throughout my whole life, I now feel that I can talk to them about anything. I think Snoop is making a good choice by bringing his son in on the things he does, showing him the good parts before his son sees the bad parts and decides there’s nothing good about it. Marijuana is not bad for you in any way, no matter who you are or what problems you have. Alcohol is worse for you than marijuana, so don’t judge him. This is the second post in a row where I’ve seen just trashing someone for no reason. This is making me angry, and it should stop. Quit complaining, focus on what you’re doing.

  • MJC

    He doesn’t buy drugs from “shady drug dealers” like this person wrote, he has a medical card and goes to shops. get your sh*t straight.

  • rebecca

    Even if your 18 it doesnt mean you can do things that are illegal. I have 3 children and would never set them on the path of smoking weed. I guess to someone who sits and drinks beer with their mom, this sounds absurd. Ofcourse it does, what has this world came to? The world is hard enough sober and even harder if your high. Dont use drugs…kids!!!

    • aly

      oh shut up first of all you should be happy if your kids are smoking weed you know why ? because it isnt bad for them!! alcohol is so much worse them marijuana if weed was soo bad then why did two states already legalize it huh if it was bad for you like alcohol and other drugs like cocane and meth why would it be legal and secondly how can u judge a parent when you dont even know the full story and life isnt harder is you get high if anything its helpful it gets you calm and relaxed and even focused so before you go all holyer then thou shit think about what your saying

  • Megan

    I had a similar experience. I was at a friend’s house with a bunch of people and all the parents and kids were smoking pot except for me. I was mortified. I thought adults were supposed to be responsible? But here they are offering their teenagers weed.. I never went back there.

  • Sydney

    So. What. They can do what they want! They’re just relaxing together essentially.

  • Kassie

    I see nothing wrong with that
    I mean come on it’s snoop lion. (not dogg anymore people~)
    He can do what he wants
    look at him
    He’s so cool.
    Anyways when I was 16 I had a beer with my dad, and I’ve taken jello shots with my family at 17 and 18. It doesn’t matter. My parent’s aren’t “cool parents” either. It’s harsh reality that, 1. his son probably smoked all the time anyways 2. most people experiment, it’s safer with family. Go snoop lion!

  • Christine

    I drink with my family all the time; I’m 19. I would rather drink with my family than kids my age cuz they don’t get shit faced like my friends. Granted, weed is different but still.

  • Rose

    He’s 18…he’s an adult. I see no issue…

    • Guest

      Right, because adults can break the law whenever they want.

      Oh, no, wait, they can’t.

  • Cassidy

    “Cool parents” sicken me. I’m neutral on the whole weed idea but I’d NEVER try it myself. If someone else does, okay. Just don’t get high in front of me. But parents… I don’t know that seems weird. There’s a girl in my school that posted a picture of herself with a lowcut shirt [keeping in mind she’s only 13] and her mom commented “I’d tap that”.

    • Kassie


  • boomtiing_ox

    His 18; what’s the problem? I sit and drink with my mum…