Hate Shopping? You’re Not Alone!

hate shopping

Hate shopping? So do one-third of the rest of us! | Source: Shutterstock

It’s commonly thought that because you have a vagina, you’re supposed to love shopping. But guess what? A lot of women and girls–one in three, in fact–actually hate shopping.

While there are a lot of fun aspects about a trip to the mall–the rush of a perfect fitting dress on sale in your fave color, scoping out cute guys at the food court–there are plenty of crappy things about it, too. A lot of the reasons we hate shopping? Long lines, high prices, snobby or rude workers, and the inability to find certain sizes were the most common complaints about shopping that women revealed in a survey. Fitting rooms were also a biggie, which we sort of understand–most of them are tiny and cramped, and the lighting usually sucks, so even if something fits, you usually look like death from the neck up.

A big bummer, though? A lot of women said they hate shopping because of how they looked: So many women either felt too fat or too skinny that they actually reported crying during shopping trips when they had trouble finding clothes to fit their respective shapes. To which we say: You’re not alone–most of us can’t fit into most clothes right off the rack (especially pants and dresses), so don’t feel like a freak or a giant or a skeleton just because something doesn’t fit (and don’t get caught up in the numbers on a tag, either).

If shopping stresses you out, you’re not an anomaly. You’re human. That said, there are ways to deal. If a salesperson is rude or pushy, let their manager know. To avoid long lines, go shopping at off-peak hours when you can (weekdays and weeknights are a lot less crowded than weekends), or shop online. Pay attention and sign up for email alerts and mailing lists from your fave stores to snag discounts on stuff you really like, and don’t be afraid to ask for help finding something–and bring an encouraging but honest BFF with you. Retail therapy shouldn’t make you need actual therapy!

Do you hate shopping? Do you think “retail therapy” is a load of baloney? What do you hate most about shopping? Tell us in the comments!

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  • inspiritedAkari

    I absolutely hate shopping! I do understand that I need to get some new clothes now and then, but its such a pain in the ass. The shopping centre and streets are always crowded and stuffy, the shop assistant tries to sell me perfume and says I won’t stink anymore and I can never find my sizes(I live in China btw).

  • cassandra

    i hate shopping because all shops that i go to think that all 13 year old love pink purple and other girly stuff but i love my basketball shorts and a comfy t shrit it suks trying to find clotes i like! 🙁