Amanda Bynes Designing Clothes? No Thank You!

amanda bynes clothing line

Amanda? You’re a hot mess. Source:

Dear Amanda Bynes,

In no way, in no alternate universe, not even for Halloween do we want to look like you. And I’m pretty sure most other girls with half a brain feel the same way–so we’re confused as to who will by this new clothing line you’re designing.

We understand that you’ve said you’re “doing amazing,” (which, um, should be amazingly, not “amazing”–but whatever)–however, from where we stand, it really doesn’t look that way. Drunk driving just makes you look like an idiot who not only doesn’t value her own life, but who also doesn’t respect the safety of others. Additionally, locking yourself in a boutique’s dressing room for over an hour makes you look like a basket case. These, in case we’re not being clear, are things we do not want to look like.

We also don’t want to look like someone in denial–and honey? You are. You need help. No, I don’t know you personally, and I’m sure you have a lot of crappy stuff going on in your life that’s been fueling this tailspin, but anyone can tell that you’re not doing well. You used to be cute, funny, talented! We used to like you–and maybe even want to look like you. But for now? You’re looking pretty trashy. Here’s hoping you clean up your act before starting that clothing line of yours. Maybe you could even call it “Fresh Start.”


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  • Bmblb

    Hey,, I thought you were totally against all the cyberbullying? This makes me not want to come back here. This was really mean, and, I think, unnecessary. Child stars always end up strange in some way, but you don’t need to be rude in calling them out on it. You’re even stooping so low to comment on her spelling/grammar? Are you for real? This post is not okay in any way. What’s wrong with you,

  • Type1Oo

    I thought Gurl was supposed to be a nice website?

  • Anna

    This is disgusting.

  • anonymous

    Wow. I thought the whole point of this website was to NOT be judgmental towards people we don’t know. She’s obviously a girl who’s trying to get a grip on her life and doesn’t know how to cope with the problems she’s dealing with. That doesn’t make her an idiot nor a basket case. This article was unnecessary and mean. Please, save your insults for someone who deserves it.

  • Ohh Lala

    This is condescending; mean; and not the message you want to send. She’s a childstar who’s grown up but can’t get much work because she is still seen as a child. She’s trying to find herself is that a crime. Yeah DUIs and junk are bad but give her a break. She’s trying just a la Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears who did the same things.

  • Julia

    this is so mean! i’m sure her clothes are fine… everyone makes mistakes. this is why i read gurl less these days, everything is so negative and rude.

    • Ains

      take in howw you guys are making fun of amanda bynes, when in reality u shud be focused on yourself rather than a celebrity… your gunna really hate on her that much for slipping up? clothing has nothing to do with how you act… AND ENOUGH famous designers are rude and stuck up and yet there still making millions why dont u talk about them? or the people who use animal furs? real issues not this bullshit that has nothing to do with no ones life but amanda bynes.. get real. stop this fake society bullshit

  • Nia

    How unfair of gURL to judge Amanda Bynes this way. She’s only human, a human who happens to be pretty famous and is constantly having her dirty laundry aired. Everyone makes mistakes.

  • Karolin

    Also, isn’t gurl a website meant for girls express themselves in a safe environment? How are we expected to do so if you’r bashing on another girl?!

  • Karolin

    This is a disappointment coming from Gurl. Sure she has made a couple of mistakes but there’s not need to batter her like this. And you’re right, you don’t know her, so why call her every name in the book? Everybody makes mistakes, that’s how life works but that doesn’t gives you a reason to verbally abuse her

  • rae

    ok this article is very mean! yeah i understand that she shouldnt drink and drive, but everyone makes mistakes, but this had no information, just a lot of mean things to say

    • Millie

      I agree, usually i like reading these articles but this one is just mean…