You CAN Get Your Virginity Back. Sort Of.

virgin virginity hymen

A new “artificial hymen” device promises to make you a virgin again. Uh, wtf? | Source: Shutterstock

Even though a lot of people have different definitions of what constitutes virginity, it’s pretty much universally accepted that once you lose your virginity, it’s gone: You can’t go back to being a virgin once you have sex (of whatever kind you believe “counts”). That is, until now.

A bizarre new device is being sold as an “artificial hymen” to replace the one you may have lost–whether through sex, using tampons, horseback riding, an uncomfortable bike seat–that way your partner (or partners, whatever floats your boat) will feel like they’re having sex with a virgin. Frankly, we don’t see the big deal about a guy having sex with a virgin or someone experienced–because sex isn’t the only way to break a hymen. And if you remember when your hymen first broke (if it has), you’ll probably recall it being pretty uncomfortable and possibly a bit bloody, even if it was ultimately rewarding when it was over.

An artificial hymen is pretty much one of those mouthwash strips–but bigger and filled with red dye. The purpose and main effect of the artificial hymen isn’t necessarily to feel any different (it pretty much dissolves inside you after a minute or two), but to essentially make it look like you’re bleeding. And that’s where we sort of have an issue with this.

Let’s be real: Not to be judgmental, because what you do in your bedroom, provided it’s consensual, is your own business (and your partner’s), but most people who fetishize virgins, virginity, and hymens are men. Taking someone’s virginity is sort of like a prize to these people, an accomplishment that they’re gaining something from–while you’re “losing” it. When a guy loses his virginity, it’s usually regarded as something to high-five and congratulate him for, while girls are often slut-shamed (which is in part why artificial hymens exist: some cultures use it to “trick” new husbands into thinking their new wives are virgins and therefore “pure,” because, you know, a sexually active and happy girl is dirty or damaged goods). It’s not cool, and it’s more than a little sexist. Anyone who judges you for your sexual past doesn’t need to be part of your sexual future.

virgin virginity hymen

This is what an artificial hymen looks like. Call us crazy, but it looks too scary to make “getting your virginity back” worth it. | Source

And the whole blood thing? Not gonna lie, it freaks us out a little. First of all, it can’t be all that healthy to have food dye in your hoo-ha–yikes! But even more so than that, it implies a sort of infantilization (since it’s believed that the younger a girl is, the more likely she is to have her hymen in tact) and victimization. Blood, in just about any situation, implies that pain is involved (even your period, though not quite as directly). That means, in a way, a guy who wants to see you bleed (and not in terms of “Thank God your eggo isn’t preggo!”) may get off of seeing you in pain.

While some people are into that, you need to make sure if this is something he’s into that you’re both into it for the right reasons and that you truly respect one another. Making love shouldn’t need to be so macabre. There’s a fine line between Christian Grey and Ted Bundy. Make sure you’re not with someone who’s going to cross it.

Do you think artificial hymens are cool or scary? Would you ever use an artificial hymen? Have you ever lied about being a virgin? Would you ever want to get your virginity back? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatarbibi says:

    hi plz can someone help me i got rapped when i was 17 and he just came inside me once and at that time i was on my period so now i don’t know if am still a virgin or not plz how can i know if i’m !???

  2. avatarThunder Baby says:

    Is true that once you had sex, you will automatical not a virgin but once you tell yourself the that I want to go back to my virginity, I can be a virgin again until I get married to my husband. Virgin or no virgin does not matter, what matters is your character.

    • avatarJennifer mary says:

      I want my virginity back how do I get it back?

      Because I scared my future husband will reject me

      • avatarrishabh says:

        Yes ur husband will reject you.
        Am also do the same with my partner if she is not.

        • avatarmario says:

          A true man will never reject a girl due to their past…I’m a guy and my girl friend was raped and also lied about being a virgin, yes it hurt me but I did not reject her I accepted her and I was there for her…if your boyfriend or husband truly loves they will not reject you

    • avatarsus says:

      i had lost my virginity … i am scarry abt my future husband what to do … plz help me.. otherwise i will kill my self… plz help me… if there is any solution of bring my virginity back.. plz help me.

  3. avatarojone says:

    I want my virginity back how do I get it back? Because here in africa you get rejected becos you’re not one

  4. avatarshreya says:

    I lost my virginity but I told my bf I m virgin is there any way to get back my virginity pls hlp me

  5. avatardanilynn14 says:

    Would red food color work for the dye bc i told my bf im virgin and im not

  6. avatarEmmett says:

    Link exchange is nothing else except it is simply placing the other person’s website link on your page at suitable place and other person will also do same in support of you.

  7. avatarJennifer says:

    I’m 20 and a virgin… I did intense workout and bled down there. Will I bleed when I have sex?

  8. avatarAnonymous says:

    I lost my virginity nd i want to get it back. What will i do to get it back

  9. avatarVictoria says:

    That is so stupid…. I have heard of it but didn’t know exactly how it worked until about 10 min ago reading this. I thought it was an actual surgical procedure… Not some fake shit. This world is getting badX

  10. avatarakouassi97 says:

    i think its a little scary once u start thinking about it.

  11. avatarpleaseloveme99 says:

    may i just say one thing? WTF is wrong with people these days?!

  12. avatarEmily says:

    When i had sex for the first time it never felt uncomfortable and i never bleed either. Even when i have sex today i haven’t bleed or felt uncomfortable. I only horse backed once and i cant even ride a bike. And i dont wear tampons(i’ve only wore them once because i was as the beach). Has mine broken or did it brake and i just not know.

    • avatarOlivia says:

      Some girls are born with a smaller or nonexistent hymen, it also may have stretched instead of broken.

    • avatarNicole says:

      your hymen has holes in it from whenever you get your period, otherwise how would the blood come out? it doesn’t break when you lose your virginity… thats kind of a huge myth.

  13. avatarBurningSun says:

    In places where a girl may be, you know, KILLED if she’s not a virgin (even if she was raped!) this makes sense to have.
    Outside of that, its rediculous. Virginity is a metal and spiritual state, not a physical one. Its the EXPERIENCE of having sex that takes away your virginity – not a broken hymen, not rape, not any other thing. Its the experience of sex that changed your world veiw and makes the difference, how ever big or small it may be for that particular person.

  14. avatarLittleRedWolfGirl says:

    That’s so dumb. Mine broke when I was much younger due to something not sex or period-related, and I don’t even think about it. I’m not gonna care when I have sex, and if the person I’m with does, then they are outta there.

  15. avatarZoeeeee says:

    That’s quite disturbing… There’s a line, and this crossed it :/

  16. avatarRa says:

    female virginity is overrated.
    and not only by the XY’s, but also the XX’s.
    when will we start respect our bodies and ourselves for ourselves?

  17. avatarAD says:

    The line between Christian Grey and Ted Bundy is graphene-thin. Stop using that juvenile creep as an example of respect.

  18. avatarminiluv68 says:

    Actually, the hymen doesn’t break. Ever. The idea of the “broken” hymen is a myth that was created to control women’s sexuality. I’m a little upset that this site is publishing misinformation like this, I expect more from a great site like this. This is just one article discussing the myth briefly :

    • avatarCaitlin says:

      THANK YOU! At least someone is informed…
      You are exactly right. Hymens don’t break. They stretch. Girls experience bleeding because of a quick stretch, not because it breaks.
      I’d recommend looking up lacigreen on youtube, she’s a great sexual educator.
      Also…whether the hymen breaks or stretches is not an indicator of losing virginity. You lose your virginity when a penis enters your vagina. Simple as that. Your hymen might not even stretch if he doesn’t go in all the way, but when a penis goes in there…boop.

      • avatarBurningSun says:

        I disagree, as I have had a penis inside me, but we didnt have sex. He went in for a second, it hurt, he pulled out, we broke up before we did it again.
        So I consider myself a virgin, because I haven’t had the experience of having sex. Virginity is a mental state, and for some, spiritual, not a physical state.

  19. avatarFrancesca Blanco says:

    I think this is really disturbing… but I guess this is a lot of peoples way of getting there past back to clean or fooling someone into believing something about you that isn’t true,and even if you bleed an already experienced Va-jay jay is going to be very spacious and not really tight like a virgin would be…

    • avatarAD says:

      And there’s another myth! ‘Tightness’ is not an indicator of sexual experience. Pretty good indicator of how many kegels you’re doing, though.

  20. avatarLena says:

    I know people who get their virginity back in a spiritual sense. It’sounds weird but say if that person thought they made a mistake or were pressured or something, they go to this whole church event thing where they learn about abstinence and STDs nd stuff and they ask God to forgive them for whatever they felt was wrong and then they sign a pledge to wait until marriage and fly them up with balloons. I went (it’s for virgins as well) and it was pretty cool.

    • avatarFrancesca Blanco says:

      that sounds way cooler then a blood sack insert… OMG!

    • avatarCommon_Sense says:

      Are you for real? You can’t -ever- get your virginity back no matter how much you fool yourself, lie to those close to you or pay for surgery.

      You’re a non-virgin and you will forever stay a non-virgin. Church or no.

      • avatarLena says:

        Why do you think I said ‘In a spiritual sense’? Spiritual is not the same as physical. You can never be a physical virgin again. I’m not stupid. You make a pact with God to wait until you are ready, and until then in his eyes you are a virgin.

      • avatarMary says:

        The only person that can determine if they are a vurgin or not is their self, not you me or anyone else in thus world. It’s just that certain person

    • avatarCommon_Sense says:

      Oh yeah, P.S.

      You know who else uses such surgery? Some japanese porn star who then lost her “virginity” (not) on camera. Those are the kinda women that do this.

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