TMI Overload: Robert Pattinson’s Take On Oral Sex

Robert Pattinson apparently licks Kristen Stewart's armpits

Guess WHERE he likes to lick . . . Source: Patrick Hoffmann/

Wow. So, I know we’re typically wanting to hear MORE details about celeb’s private lives (admit it, it can be a totally guilty pleasure!) but sometimes, um, our favorite stars overshare. A lot. About stuff that makes us a little squirmy.

Case in point: In a recent interview (right before the big cheating scandal hit), Kristen Stewart told Vogue UK that Robert Pattinson “loves to lick under my armpits.”

Again: Wow.

Okay, so I guess move over oral sex, armpit licking is the new thing or whatevz. It’s safe, you can’t get pregnant from it or get STDs, which is pretty rad–but HOLY MOLY it must tickle and um . . . maybe we didn’t need to know about it. Honestly? Now that I’ve got a mental image of Robert Pattinson’s tongue all up in her Lady Speed Stick, lunch is a little less appetizing.

What do you think? Do you think we should all talk super openly about what happens between the sheets, or do you think that by sharing something so intimate with the world, the intimacy of it kind of gets . . . well, ruined? Do you think there’s an ick-factor here with the new armpit licking revelation? Or do you think it’s hot?

Would YOU let R-Patz lick YOUR armpit? Tell me in the comments!

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  • moey123

    gross no! nobody tounge is up my armpit! jeez

  • Madeleine

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Robert Pattinson to death! BUT, I’d prefer he licked somewhere else.

    • Caite m.

      Yeah maybe a little further down

  • samantha

    umm no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! complete tmi overload rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous guy


  • taybaybay

    sometimes my boyfriend licks CLOSE to my armpits when he licks my breasts. I like it. (-:

  • browney01

    Heck no what dis look like i wouldnt even let my boyfriend like them dats GROSS!!!!!! She should of kept dat to herself like seriosly be 4real!!

  • Katie

    My boyfriend also likes licking my armpits,i thought he was the only one i feel a bit strange when he does it but he really likes and and finds it pleasurable so…

  • MsMusic13

    I think that by sharing really intimate details with the world is not the way to go because I do think it ruin the intimacy of the relationship. But it is your decision and they can go about it how they want. Armpit licking? I couldn’t do it, deodorant probably doesn’t taste good.

  • ShayShampagne

    Ooh really.? I loovvee him so he could lick me anywhere whooo!! If they get back together Kirsten is so lucky!

  • Julia

    i find it kinda cool to know about star’s sex lives. no one’s forcing them to say anything, as long as they’re doing it by their own will… it’s a free country.

  • brennanxo

    Unless she was specifically talking about what their sex life is like and what kind of four play and turn ons he does in bed, I doubt that’s why he does it. I’m sure it like one of the comments said; tickle’s . So he probably does it when their footing around and playing cause he knows tickle’s her and makes her squirmy and laugh. If she did specify and say it was in a sexual manner, for me personally: wouldnt be too appealing at all. But when you have dated for as long as they have, you become extremely comfortable with one another and anything goes, you can be yourself. Your comfortable with the other person, your comfortable with your body in front of them, your comfortable being at your worst, your comfortable sexually with them, your comfortable being in your own skin, being your own unique self. Because they have become a part of you, their your other half and when your at that state with a person in a relationship you tend to experiment together, learn what one another likes;sexually and what feels good for them. No need to mention people have all different kinds of fetish’s , that may be his, their just comfortable enough to do that with each other weather its just playing or its apart of their intimacy. You never know, but no its not weird to me, everyone’s into their own thing and No, I wouldnt let him lick my secret cause its not MY tying. Despite how charismatic he is.

  • BurningSun

    She’s probably just being a b***hha nd saying random things because she can.
    Who the hells business is it what ANYONE does between the sheets?
    If you want to share because someone ASKED, thats your business, but I for one don’t go telling people the things I like to do, just because. It’s no ones goddamn business.

  • Janice

    I think they can do whatever they want…their lives, their decisions. But I think it’s quite disgusting to share it with the rest of the world.

  • ariel

    Oh I’d let him lick any part of me he wanted!

  • turtleshelll

    I don’t really think it’s hot but I don’t think it’s gross either. It kind of seems silly and almost sweet in that sense.