10 Ways To Make A Rainy Day Awesome

rainy day fun ideas

Seriously. The rain doesn’t have to make your day suck! Source: Shutterstock

Okay, I get it, it’s raining. And you hate rainy days. But just because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean YOU can’t! Resist the urge to write off today as a waste and make your day awesome instead with one (or more!) of these fun ideas. You can thank us later.

1. Rock some adorable rain boots
Who says you have to stay inside just because it’s grey out there? Pop on some adorable Wellies and rock those puddles!

2. Unleash Your Domestic Goddess
Nothing like fresh baked cookies on a rainy day, so why not make your own?! We won’t tell anyone if you just use a roll of pre-made dough from the store!!

rainy day phone calls

She’ll LOVE hearing from you! Source: Shutterstock

3. Reconnect Big Time
Um, remember that friend of yours? The one you haven’t talked to in forever? Yeah. She misses you, too! Call her and catch up. You’ve got nothing but time on your hands anyway, right?!

4. Become a YouTube Star
Make a music video for one of your favorite songs, or get your friends and siblings involved in a funny comedy skit. Who knows, you could be the next internet sensation!

5. Crack Open A Great Book
Into sexy stuff? Geeky stuff? Scary stuff? You can find it all and way WAY more at the library or on your Kindle. The day will fly by faster than you can imagine.

rainy day cleaning

Mom will freak out (in a good way!) Source: Shutterstock

6. Earn Major Points With Mom
Cleaning the house doesn’t sound like much fun (I know!) but if you spend today doing that, Mom might be a lot more likely to let you go to that big party next weekend when it’s NOT pouring outside!

7. Be Ryan Gosling’s Girlfriend
If you don’t own all of his movies (and we’re pretty sure you do), just get ‘em off Netflix and spend the day on the couch with him. Just you and Ryan—and maybe Ben and Jerry, but we’re not judging!

8. Get Artsy
Sick of how boring your room looks? Make some awesome (and super profesh looking!) art for those walls. If you need inspiration, watch a couple of our Do It, Gurl videos for ideas.

rainy day make over

So. Much. Fun! Source: Shutterstock

9. Makeover Your Day
Invite a friend over and do makeovers on each other just like in the movies! Pick a silly soundtrack, try out totally wacky makeup and hair styles from magazines (the weirder the better) and take pics.

10. Learn Something New
Always wanted to learn to play guitar, speak Japanese, or do super cool nail designs for yourself? Well, there’s a YouTube video out there showing you how. Don’t pass up these free lessons, girl!

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