7 Reasons Having A Vagina Kinda Sucks & 1 Reason Why It ROCKS!

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Pink has always been a tough, talented chick so it wasn’t surprising when she made such a bold statement.

The “Stupid Girls” singer told USA Today, when asked about her 15-month-old daughter, “If she has talent, I’d be cool with it. This world is way too cruel if you’re not talented. It’s harder if you have a vagina. An ambitious man is admirable and respected. An ambitious woman is difficult and emotional. There’s a boys’ club, even in music. You have to think before you talk. I can be loud, but I’ve learned you can have quiet power.”

Acknowledging, even after being enormously successful, gender inequality is a big deal. When you’re still struggling in your career, it’s easy for people to assume you’re using social prejudices as an excuse for not being where you want to be. (Example: “She’s pulling the race card!”)

So it’s always kinda nice when people in positions of power and success can share their personal struggles with inequality. It’s empowering to hear someone overcome certain difficulties. It is also comforting to know that you’re not crazy when you feel someone is treating you differently because you’re a girl. Aside from pointing out the “boys’ club,” Pink does have another valid point, having a vagina is pretty hard.

* You can’t wear underwear twice in a row. Boys get away with it all the time, but our “self-cleaning” system can make things pretty messy down there.

* During sexy times we can never get down with the whole whipped cream bikini thing–food on your hoo-haa? Major infection.

* We can’t sit with our legs open because the world thinks that it’s “crass” and if we’re wearing skirt . . . well, depending on the company, it sort of is.

* Trying on bathing suits is totally yucky because 900 people have rubbed their crotches on them before you.

* Peeing while standing up would come in super handy sometimes, trust me, I just went camping.

* While guys worry about boners showing, we have to worry about period stains and discharge.

* Never mind the amount of money we must spend on maxi pads and tampons in a lifetime. Vaginas aren’t even cost effective.

It’s true, having a vagina can be harder and being a girl can mean you get treated like crap sometimes. It sucks a lot. But in the end, I think it’s all totally worth it and not just for the multiple orgasms.

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