I Can’t Believe He Said That

Ok, I’ll shoot straight with you guys. I don’t like showering. I do it daily because, well, I have to to keep my job and my friends. But, honestly, I don’t like it. I don’t care about being clean or dirty. It’s like my hygiene switch was just never flipped.

Most people don’t know this about me because, I do shower regularly, even if I don’t like it. It’s just close friends and family who know that even though I look clean doesn’t mean that I like to be clean.

My dad’s birthday was yesterday and, as he does, he sent out a huge mass e-mail to everyone he knew describing all of the exciting events of the day including the party at work, the dinner my mom made him and the baseball game he went to. He also ended it with this little gem:

And I had a day my daughter would have loved because I didn’t take a shower.

My dad electronically outted me in front of a ton of people I barely knew. Now they all think I’m a gross shower skipper…which is kind of true. But, they didn’t have to know!

How has your dad embarrassed you? Am I alone in the no likey shower department? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Ave

    i totaly know how you feel…. Seacretly, im a total geek. My friends know, but no one other than that. Well, one day my dad got the brilliant idea to come do a presentation for our class about his work (he’s a computer & softare enginer, and is getting his docterate in bioimphamatics). During the middle of the presentation my dad asked the class a really really complicated math question and when no one a answered the question my dad says “Avery, you know this. We where going over this while whatching that last ‘steven hawking; into the worm hole’ epasode. Remember? you decided not to go to that party cause you didnt think you would fit in so you stayed home” *Cue red face* i was soooo embarased. For the rest of the month people called me “Geek”, and someone even gave me nerd glasses. But then i realized, thats just who i am, and i cant change it, so i have to accept it. Now i whear the geek glasses with pride. I say you accept it and just move on. Its in the past.

  • BeautifulMyra

    Showering is the best I love the feeling of being clean and wet 😉

  • cleanfreak

    i <3 showering but i <3 bathes more there is somthin v lush about a bath my hair an skin is naturally v greasy so i have 2 but if u peeps dont then u dont

  • Ally

    Omg. Don’t even get me started. My dad put a video of my room on youtube because it was so dirty and he didn’t even tell me about it!!!!! I think that was so mean and embarrassing. UGH. I know it was dirty, but I would have cleaned it if he had warned me…maybe hahah. Anyway, he also tells all of my friends when he sees them and my family. Yeah also, there was my PANTIES and other embarrassing items (pads, tampons etc.) I’m not embarrassed about my period but I don’t want whoever watches the video to know I’m on my period!!

    And (sorry) I have another one. This was even worse (in my opinion)…anyway…My mom got internet and had to have it hooked up and stuff. She told me that a guy was going to hook it up for us. So later I went to school (without tiding up my room because she said he wasn’t going in there). I bet you can tell where this is going…lol, so I get home and freak out (internally) because NO ONE WARNED ME that he was going in my room! And again (even though it wasn’t that dirty) There were my undies, my smutty romance books (which was bad but it gets worse!) and I’m not sure but I think he found my vibrator because he was moving a ton of stuff around! (hopefully not.) Any way, so my DAD decides “Oh I think its a good time to ask if you’ve read ’50 Shades of Grey'” so I’m super embarrassed because (I have *wink*) but THE GUY WAS RIGHT THERE! He did it on purpose and then started saying how I always read romance books and UGH! anyway you could tell the guy was also feeling ackward. Plus, who does that anyway? (other than my dad of course) and at the time I was still ackwardly trying to pick up my undies discreetly… >:[
    But I always make sure to let him know it doesn’t bother me because it encourages him when I get all red! But I still love my dad <3

  • Anna

    It’s actually not good for your hair to be shampooed every day. and since i am a HUGE fan of tumblr, it’s not like i get physical activity, so i only shower every 2-3 days as long as i’m not particularly gross for some reason (say, physical activity).

  • tina

    I only take a bath when I feel like it witch is any where between 2 days and a week. I don’t shave ever and I never brush my teeth cause the toothpaste will make me gag and cough a lot.

  • Sky

    haha how do you not like showering??? i love it for some odd reason. i just love feeling squeaky clean

  • Ash

    I TOTALLY feel ur pain! My parents are divorced and my dad lives out of state but the last time i visited him he accused me of having an eating disorder in front of his friends and my family. he totally was all intervention with it and like asked me to “start eating”, worst part was i dont have one and everyone freaked.

  • Alana

    I shower maybe every three days, possibly more. I honestly don’t even think about it unless I feel really gross. Staying clean and pretty is just so much work. o-o I don’t hate showering, I’m just really lazy.

    However, I do hate brushing my teeth. I have NEVER liked it. I don’t them being fiddled with, even by me.

  • lizard

    it’s okay! i hate showers! my mom actually calls me stinky monkey in front of my friends (along with other embarrassing nicknames) i’ve gotten over it just because as long as you are acceptably clean and ur friends are really ur friends, it should just get laughed off

  • basschick

    you are not alone! sometimes i have an erge to take one, but i do not really care. same with shaving. but my friends poke fun at me for it… but whatever. they are just jealous that they can’t rock it like i can. (like WE can!) 😉

  • danipoop

    I hate taking a shower… I can go like three days without showering which is really gross, but I just hate it. I mean, whenever this happens is when I’m not going out in public like during summer or Christmas break. I would never go out in public with greasy hair! My dad has also embarrassed me maaany times, usually not even noticing it haha. So you’re not alone! Showering is just a waste of time, and dads are always embarrassing. (: