I Think I Have An Infection Down There, But I’m Scared To Tell My Mom

Vaginal Infection

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Hi Heather,

I’m 16 and I’m pretty sure that I have some type of infection down there. I’ve been reading online and I think I need to go to the doctor. But I’m way too humiliated to tell my mom (and even my doctor) about my issue. I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed, and I’m trying not to be, but I am. I’m also scared that if I tell my mom I have an infection, she’ll immediately jump to the conclusion that I’m sexually active, but I’m not. This entire situation is just stressing me out. Help, please!!

You’re right, girl – you have no reason to be embarrassed about that. That being said, I know that’s way easier said than done. Getting an infection down there, especially the first time it happens, can seem scary and a little gross. But I promise that it’s totally natural. I’m sure your mom has been there more than once, and trust me, I’m sure your doctor has been there hundreds of times with a lot of different vaginas – neither of them are going to judge you or think you’re disgusting.

As for your mom jumping to conclusions that it’s because you’re sexually active, I doubt that will happen. I can’t say for sure, because I don’t know your mom, but infections down there are very common. I don’t know what kind of infection you have, but things like yeast, bacterial or urinary tract infections happen to practically every girl at least once in her life (and oftentimes a lot more). There’s a lot of bacteria down there in that moist area, and so many things can cause an imbalance: sweating more, wearing a wet bathing suit for too long, even just taking antibiotics. Getting an infection in your business definitely does not always mean that you’re having sex, and I’m sure your mom realizes that.

Something really important you should keep in mind? Not only is not treating your infection going to make you really uncomfortable, but it’s also only going to make things worse in your lady bits. It’s most likely not something that’s going to go away on it’s own. If you’re experiencing extra discharge, itchiness, or a burning sensation when you pee, it’s super important that you see a doctor. She can give you medication that can clear it up within a few days, and prevent anything worse from happening.

Telling your mom might feel a little uncomfortable, but you’ll be fine in the end. Just tell her you feel weird down there, you think you have an infection and you want to see a doctor. Reassure her that there’s no way it can be sexually transmitted. If you really don’t want to say it in person, write her a note – that might be easier. And if you really, really don’t want her to know, look for a Planned Parenthood near you. Just please be sure to get this checked out one way or another!

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  • Ashley

    Hi Heather,
    I’m 16 and I’m sexually active with my boyfriend and he’s the only guy I have been active with. I’m scared to tell my mom because I’m scared she might look at me differently or won’t trust me anymore. She lets me stay at his house from time to time only if his parents are there. She told him that she doesn’t want any grandkids right now, but I don’t plan on having any no time soon. I think she has a clue but I’m afraid to tell her. What do I do, please help!