What Are The Risks Of Having Sex On Your Period?

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Are there any issues or health risks with having sex during your period?

ChickRx expert Melicia Escobar, Certified Nurse Midwife, says:

You may be surprised to learn that a fair number of women have sex during their menstrual period. While cultural and religious taboos exist that discourage women from mixing sexual intimacy while menstruating, not only can it be safe, but there are several potential benefits! There are, of course, some risks you should consider.

First, let’s address those risks and other considerations that boil down to P-R-O-T-E-C-T-I- O-N. Protect your sheets and throw down some towels or just move your sexcapades to the shower. More importantly, protect yourself and your partner from STIs and pregnancy (yep, still a risk when you’re on your period) by using a condom. Your cervix is slightly open, there’s lots inflammation happening and your flow is mostly blood. All of this make for a veritable playground for viruses and bacteria. And I want you safe!

Now, let’s explore the benefits which range from physiologic to sheer pleasure!

For starters, where there is good sex, especially with orgasm, there are oxytocin and endorphins. Both hormones work to reduce those pesky PMS symptoms. (Think headaches and cramps. Total win for you!) and elevate your mood (Think PMS irritability. Score for both your and your partner!)

The natural engorgement that comes along with your period can actually enhance your pleasure and satisfy that feeling of fullness that many women experience. Basically, your body is naturally half way to an orgasm! So orgasming may be easier, faster or better for you when you’re on your period.

Remember, too, that if intercourse isn’t floating your boat during your “high tide,” masturbation can work just as well. You’ll get all of the benefits!

In short, you can “close for business” each month, which is totally cool if that’s what makes you comfortable, or you can choose to embrace your “monthly visitor” and have some fun with it! As long as you’re using protection, sex on your period is completely fine.

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What do dudes think about periods?

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  1. avatar erin says:

    i just got off mine(or so i thought) my bf and i started and he realized the i started to spot i was so embarrassed and felt horrible for what happened….NO it does not hurt….however i was at the end of my cycle so i cannot speak on others

  2. avatar Ttae says:

    My guy wants to try it but i thought it wld b gross nd painful.but come to think of it all as i read this if u thonk about it i bet it is healthy but i really think if i was to try this we would use protection!!!

  3. avatar Kanakas says:

    I think it’s hot

  4. avatar J says:

    My first time was on my period, I wish I had known this then. I was so scared because of it. But I’m tellin you girls its not actually as gross as it sounds. If it not for you thats fine, but don’t judge it because honestly its feels just fine!

  5. avatar Weekdy says:

    What in the world? Gross.

  6. avatar Ma says:

    Seriously? Sex during your period is totally fine, and it definitely does not hurt. It’s not gross, yes it can be messy, but just take it to the shower. I’m actually the horniest during my period, and my guy is always up for it. Don’t knock it till you try it.

  7. avatar Shaonna says:

    t’f u wanna have sex on your period 4? cant you wait for 2-5 days out of the month….geez is this world turning into a bunch of sex monkeys? seriously… what guy wants blood on his d**k???! o.O

  8. avatar Moah says:

    On my not so heavy days if I’m up for it why not! , I love these softcups, which I use instead of tampons. they keep it less messy.

  9. avatar Mesa says:

    My man didn’t want to try and it was alright because I think it would of hurt. LOL.

  10. avatar AsianIggs1 says:

    OH. MY. GOD.

    I’m remembering this for if my period comes on my boyfriend’s 18th birthday/graduation gift.

  11. avatar Lena says:

    Ewie ewie eeeewwww. Who would ever want to do i on your period? It’d be messy and painful… yuck.

    • avatar Katie says:

      Actually when your flow isn’t heavy or towards the end of your period it isn’t messy I have never bled with doing it on my period. The guy uses a condom to keep any blood off of him, if there is any. & in no way shape or form do I find it painful! Don’t knock it until you try it. It’s really not as gross as everyone thinks.

  12. avatar anonymous says:

    this website never fails to shock me. what age group is this site for anyway??

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