My First Time Dyeing My Hair

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The purple at its brightest. BTW, my lipstick didn’t actually clash this much, the camera flash just made it look red.

I’m not sure why I wanted my hair to be purple, but I did – badly. It started in seventh grade, and not a single person at my school had hair of any unusual color, which may have been part of the reason I was eager. I liked purple and knew it would be a good color on me, after much debate over other colors (runner-up: dark blue). My mom sort of gave in and put a purple rinse on my hair, which looked kinda red, and lasted about two weeks. Inadequate.

Cut to right before my first year of high school, where I was DETERMINED to show up on my first day at a new school with seriously purple hair, or at least my bangs (which was all I was allowed to dye bright purple, despite much begging). My parents didn’t mind that I wanted purple hair, but my mom was concerned about the mess: my hair is brown, so it would need to be bleached, then dyed. I’d also heard Manic Panic (the recommended dye for odd colors) would stain anything and everything instantly, so I was absolutely forbidden to dye it at home. If not there, where?

The stylist who usually cut my hair was down for it. She bleached out my bangs (stinky!), and then: in went plum-colored Manic Panic. I sat under a dryer to help it really absorb, the excess dye was washed out, and! I LOOKED TOTALLY AWESOME. I loved it! I taped a strand of hair in my diary, I mailed one to a friend. I put on a bunch of eyeliner and tried to make my most badass face and my mom took photos. I started school feeling like I looked utterly excellent, and was looking forward to not fitting in, which I succeeded at.

hair dye, hair color, hair style, fashion, style, individuality

Ninth grade school picture; still wish I coulda touched up my bangs!

Manic Panic is a semi-permanent dye, meaning it slowly washes out, which was a bummer. I tried to keep my bangs out of the water for most of my showers, but of course you can’t keep that up and I wasn’t allowed to do touch-ups at home, so my bangs ended up blondish. My stylist said she could mix up something permanent and purple, so I went with that. And after doing my bangs with that mixture just once, I lucked out: she honestly forgot I was just dyeing my bangs, not my whole head, and started applying dye elsewhere (of course I gleefully kept my mouth shut), until she realized what she was doing and freaked out, thinking my mom would kill her. I swore I would accept all blame, and ta-daaa: a full, fantastic head of purple hair!!!

It was glorious. It brought out my green eyes, it got the “WTF?” stares at the supermarket that I loved, and I felt beyond cool. I ended up dyeing it black later that year and stuck with that until hot pink for college graduation, but that’s another story…

Have you ever wanted to dye your hair? If you already dye it, what was your first time dyeing your hair like? What’s your dream color to go for? Tell me everything in the comments!

I Also Tried To Hide This Tattoo From My Parents . . . LOL!

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  • Kelcifer Hyland

    So, I bought some Sparks Purple Passion without my parents knowing. I love the pastel hair color and really wanted a light lavender color. My parents are against odd color hair dye totally. But, hair dye makes me feel more confident in myself and not the shy person I am. They see it as ruining my life, but to me it makes me feel like someone else…someone who can actually talk to strangers and be in crowds. Anyway, I tried diluting the dye with conditioner but it only went to a lightish dark purple. It wouldn’t go into a pastel color to my dissapointment. So, now my mom walked in while I was letting the dye set and she screamed….wish me luck.

  • Vivien

    Am in the process of Convincing my parents to let me dye my hair pink. Its a work in progress..

  • Sarah

    I finally convinced my mum to let me dye my hair purple yay 🙂 she died it for me yesterday 😀 it looks crap -.-

  • Julia

    I first died my hair the summer before 5th grade. My dad bleached it and put blue streaks in it for me. Now I dyed it again and it’s bluish green but I’m going to bleach it and re dye it soon so itll be bluer.

  • lauren

    i really wanna dye my hair pink and blue but my mum doesnt want me too because she thinks my natural hair is really pretty (its light blonde and i HATE it) anyone have any tips on how to convince my mum to let me??

  • Roselove445

    god i have red hair and totally want to dye the ends purple but bleaching and dyeing your hair can permanitly damage your hair so my mom wont let me do it

    • Tinkerbell

      Omg i have red hair too! And i love purple on me!!!!!!best color ever!!!!!! i want a purple stripde too!

  • ProudIslander._.

    I love dyed hair. I’m going natural for awhile though. I was pink and blue, then pink and yellow, then red/purple/green/yellow, then tomato red, and dark brown.

  • Kim

    My mom’s letting me temporarily dye my hair bright red as soon as she’s able to walk around again to go with me 🙂

  • Lena

    I dyed my hair purple over the holidays with Splat. My mom had no idea I was planning to do it becuase I knew she would be like AW HEEEEELLLLL NO! My brother bought the dye and I squeezed it all over my head and all over my brand new, pearly white bathroom. The dye stained EVERYTHING! I loved my hair but my mom had a heart attack and made me wear a plait and a hat the whole holiday. She was so freaked out that when I got back to school it would still be there (which it was). I go to a convent and if you’re caught with dyed hair you get in trouble, but oddly the teachers haven’t noticed. The nuns give me strange looks though…

  • lllaa

    I dyed part of my hair purple in seventh grade. Now I have part dyed a bright red.

  • Sara

    OMG, this exact same thing is what I went through/am going through now!

    I’ve wanted purple hair ever since I started liking purple (instead of green) at 10 years old. I finally gotten around doing something about that earlier this month for the beginning of my junior year of school.

    Why? Because I loved purple and I haven’t seen anybody with purple in their hair. And we at my school love us some highlights and/or tips.

    So I spent a long time bleaching the tips of my hair at home with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Then I spent about three hours searching up how to dye your hair with food coloring. I mixed up shampoo and left it in, and that didn’t work. Then I boiled some vinegar and added blue and red to make purple. It was such a lovely shade, too. Then I dunked my tips in there for half an hour.

    Guess what color it came out?


    I was so disappointed. I mean, my hair seriously took up all the red and left all the blue in the cup. I literally poured out all blue vinegar solution in the sink.

    So I have red tips. Not all is lost though, because I liked the color (a burgundy) and I’ve gotten complements on it. But don’t be fooled; as soon as it starts fading, I’m bleaching it again and trying it again. I *might* even buy some Manic Panic in that plum color. And then maybe some blue and green while I’m at it. I’m still young. 🙂

  • basschick

    hell yeah! so gorgous, i am the same way. any unnatural color, hit me up!

  • A.j

    I love that color soo much. I really want to die my hair red. Kinda like the ariana grande red hair. I just need to convince my parents.