I Like My Pet More Than I Like Most People


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I’m pretty sure we can all agree our pets are part of our families. Some of us grew up with a certain animal and can’t imagine life without, some of us raised our pets from when THEY were babies. They comfort us when we’re sad, play with us when we’re happy, provide companionship and love.

I have a lovebird named Dixie (well, really, Dixie has a human named Amy – if you have a parrot, you know what I’m talking about). When I bought her and was told her lifespan, I realized I would have her until I was at least 40 – a long time. She’d be there to help me through all sorts of things in life. And since then, she’s done just that, and has always been the one I could come home to and tell about my day, guaranteed she’d pay attention. This is just one of a million reasons why I like my pet more than I like most people.

She’s never too busy for me. Sure, sometimes she’s eating or napping, but she’s always eager to hang out and snuggle and is happiest when I’m right nearby. If I’m up and moving around at 2am, she STILL wants to sit on my shoulder.

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Dixie co-authored this article.

She gets along with everyone. She likes my friends, she LOVES my family, and my family loves her right back – my parents call her their grandbird. One of Dixie’s hobbies is giving lots of kisses, and how cute is that? It’s hard to find someone who everyone you know likes, but I did it!

She’s easy to please. She’s bossy about people keeping her company, but you don’t have to focus all your attention on her. She’ll listen to whatever music I want, or watch my favorite TV programs without complaint. Gifts? Give her a magazine to shred, apple pieces, or her very favorite, scratches on her head, and she’s stoked. It makes birthdays SUPER easy.

Admittedly, my human buddies have certain advantages – they can hold up their end of a conversation, rarely bite, don’t shriek at me when they want my snacks, and they’re potty trained, too – but nothing beats a good snuggle with Dixie. My life is SO much better just because of one little bird.

Can you relate to me? Do you like your pet more than you like most people? Let me know what kind of pet you have in the comments.

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  • Jennifer

    I love my dog, he’s just so perfect. He never complains and always show me affection, sometimes I think he’s better than my friends <3

  • SelinaKat

    At my grandmother i have 3 cats and some of the neighborhood cats come at us …
    I have’d my own cat when i was abot 5 and i named him Crystal then Jhoney came’d in my life and then i found a little kitty in my yard so i named him Little .I love them all because i get stressed , angry or sad but they come at me and start purring . When i hear them and stroked them my day become better . I wish to take them whit me home . (sorry for my bad English )

  • ProudIslander._.

    I have four hermit crabs. I’ve had 3 of them for ovr three years now. I really love them. A lot of people think they’re gross or weird, but for some reason I just am inseperaple with those hermies. <3