7 Questions We Have About The iPhone 5

Apple has just announced the new iPhone 5 is going to be available September 21st. We’re sort of excited, sort of skeptical, sort of hoping this thing has magical powers. Smartphones are amazing these days. You can figure out how to get anywhere, read reviews of a new mascara while you’re in the store, snap photos of all those OMG moments in your life and post them on Facebook in a split second. I love my iPhone 4, but with all these new models coming out so quickly it’s hard to know when you should upgrade and when you should hold onto your “old school” baby. Before I shell out $400 I have a few questions . . .

7 Questions About The New iPhone 5

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  • Shaonna

    these questions are retarded.. i thought they were gonna be serious

  • brookeibaby

    Gaah, I really don’t like these segments. I think there gonna be serious then its a big joke. D: Anyone else agree?

  • roselove445

    Omg yes i mean how many freaking different iphones will they make but i guess it does make me getting an iphone three more likely than if it was the newest